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5 Comments on Scentsy Reviews: To How Be A Successful Scentsy Consultant

  1. You are right. Many people go into the business thinking that it will be easy. That is far from true. It takes work. Hard work.

    On the upside, if you have a goal in mind to start your own business especially selling something, it can truly help you develop confidence and sales experience.

    Before you go into the business of mlm’s make sure you find the one that is right for you. One that is close to your passion. If you like photography then try Creative Memories, if you you love to cook do Pampered Chef. There are so many choices, so do your research first and have a mindset of it being a stepping stone.

  2. Your straight-forward observations appear to be pessimistically accurate but would apply to nearly any MLM. You have to be motivated and work hard to make anything prosper. I think that most Scentsy consultants can earn a little extra spending cash with minimal effort, indefinitely.

    Replacing your “work” income requires at least “work” level effort, from any MLM.

    On another note, I think you need to spend some serious time developing your writing skills. I found it difficult to follow your train of thought.

    Also, you said “The MLM community never seize to astonish me.” but meant to say “… cease … ” not “seize”

  3. Anything we do will bring results if we put time into it. Like the previous comment said in essence,.Do something you love and the money will come.

    Scentsy is the American dream at it’s best. If you can plug in a warmer with a popular scent for enough people you will be successful. It’s the smell that sells. Here’s to creating your own success story.

  4. Michael Stagg // July 21, 2010 at 4:35 pm //

    Yea I agree. I think MLM companies are awesome and there is a lot of opportunity to make a solid income. Though I really don’t think a starting out marketer should enter into one of the companies until they have training. You have to be able to know how to market and generate leads before you can do anything. Once you really know how to market the right way, then you will be unstoppable in a network marketing company. This is how the big distributors get so big.

  5. I love Scentsy, i’ve found there are little things folks should know.
    I’ve been informing folks of the easy removal of spent wax.
    Simply PEEL the spent wax off the plate when it’s in a cooled solid state.
    Also I personally often melt two scents and create a unique scent all my own.

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