Shaklee Review – Is Shaklee Business A Scam?

Shaklee Scam? Let’s Review

This is an overview of the Shaklee Corporation and business opportunity. As a distributor and producer of vitamins, nutritional supplements, beauty and weight management, and household cleaning products, Shaklee is the most popular. For more than 50 years already, The alleged Shaklee scam stays on top as far as the industry of network marketing ang health products industry is concerned.

Shaklee Corporation also uses MLM or Multi-level marketing business model which means you have the opportunity to make money with them.  You will also earn from the commissions of your downline.

Shaklee also offers income opportunity for everyone. In terms of the compensation plan of Shaklee, all the members are given 15% discount off the suggested retail price of the corporation’s products. With that being said, members can sell the products at retail price to earn more profit. Members who owns 250 PV and above are earning an extra volume bonus which range from 4 to 34 percent, which is volume dependent.

Some Call Shaklee Scam Because They Guarantee Success

However, the opportunity that Shaklee offers does not guarantee success without effort and knowledge on the strategies for proper marketing. You need to acquire and learn the very basic but critically important things which MLM experts know.

First is that, you need to educate yourself about how to market. This step is really critical since if you don’t know how to do this, you will not make a money in Shaklee. Remember there is the word “marketing” in the phrase “Network Marketing.”

Another thing is that you must learn how to brand yourself. This is critically important because about ALL of the marketers that don’t do this will not go very fare in the MLM industry. What’s most important is to find a system that will generate leads for you and will brand you as a Leader. When you do this, prospect will offer to join your business just because of the way you positioned yourself. You can’t be possibly begging your father and mother and families to join your business.  How do you beg people to make money with you?  That does not add up.

Why many will continue to call Shaklee scam

See 97% of Shaklee business owners/reps will continue to fail and call the Shaklee scam.  It is partly their own fault and the industry I must say.  Most people are being trained in this industry to be mere sales reps.  Sale reps depend on the company for everything including their mindset.

Becoming a leader start from the inside. Invest in mindset books. Invest in audiobooks that will improve you as a person and as a leader. People will partner with you because they think you can take them to the top. Attend seminars. You can simply go on you tube and listen to training videos.

Shaklee Scam?Presently there are around 2,900 people going all over the internet monthly pestering this particular question.  Is Shaklee a scam?  The amusing thing about people today is that people are actually starting an investigation such as this in the search engines.  It’s very hilarious.

Is shaklee a scam?  Just before I answer this question, I want to ask you a question.  Are you wondering simply because an individual offer:

1. To help you make positive changes to you financial status?

2. To put additional money in your pocket?

3. To help you make use of other individuals effort using shaklee income opportunity?

I am just going to say it is a bit odd that somebody does you a favor and the question show up.

It may not necessarily be your flaw that you are wondering if Shaklee is a scam.  May be the person marketing the opportunity do not necessarily understand the power of the opportunity they have in their possession.  If he doesn’t have an idea, usually he could come off like a desperate individual.  Certainly, that may induce you off to ask yourself if he could be trying to sell you on a scam he or she has been sold on.  Therefore I do not blame you.

Shaklee is a business that is giving average folks the possibility of financial freedom.  This is Multi-level marketing.  Giving a chance of financial freedom to the people couldn’t possibly be such an evil act, could it?  The reason why you would possibly find a few individuals running all around the streets calling Mlm opportunities such as Shaklee a scam is exactly the same reasons why a lot of people fail in life.

Shaklee has existed in the business of creating millionaires for 53 years.  It’s positioned #11 out of nearly five thousand Network Marketing corporations.  They are certainly doing something right.  Throughout that time period, around 90% of people that join fail.  Why?  Identical reason 90% don’t succeed and never accomplish their goals in life.

Individuals who don’t have any business being in business sign up and tumble flat on their face usually within their first 90 days.  These people come into the business without having learning the basic skills of marketing in the industry.

There are actually quite a few important things you have to know before you join or move forward with the Shaklee business.

1. You need to become familiar with a couple of success principles.

2. You must get a bigger “why” than simply money.

3. You must substitute “I will try” with “I will make certain it works”.

4. You should learn “MARKETING”.

5. You will need to understand that Shaklee is a business associate to you and not your business.

6. You need to build your own enterprise and set your head on multiple streams of income.

7. You must brand “you” but not Shaklee.

The Shaklee income opportunity is a vehicle.  It’s an program but not your business.  Feel free to put it to use but exclusively after you have mastered these fundamental things concerning the Network Marketing industry.

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PS: Learn marketing because for a fact shaklee scam allegation are false and Shaklee has stood enough test of time

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  1. Anny Wilhelm // July 28, 2010 at 11:05 am //

    I became a distributor about 30 years ago, how can I get products at the dist. cost and possibly restart the business?

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