A Review Of Synaura (AVIA)And How To Make Them With Them

Synaura Review:

The company came to my desk a while back and I have decided to give you my honest review of the company. I Will also recommend if you should join them or not.  I will review the leadership of this company, their products and how marketable it is, and finally their Compensation plan. First thing you must know is that Synaura is not a scam. Too bad lot of MLM companies out there has been falsely named scam. Here we go;

Synaura leadership Review:

One of the criteria that I look for when evaluating the leadership of any company is to check if the leaders have experience as a network marketer. This is very important. Many owners of MLM Companies get in the business just to make money. Do not get wrong, there is nothing wrong with this. However, if it is 100% about money, any richer person can come and offer to buy the company. Guess what; they will sell the company. This has happened many times and it always leaves the distributors in desert. The founders of Synaura;  Dan Maltais, Travis Martin, Dan Matauch, have experience in the MLM Network Marketing business.

Synaura Product Review:

Synaura markets nutritional products as you might know by now. They have A Review Of Synaura (AVIA)And How To Make Them With Themcouple of them that they market like Maqui, Syn40, and Avia. I am not a nutritionist, so I can not tell you how effective these products are in terms of its effectiveness in the body. What you should be concern with mainly as a business person is the marketability of these products.  How easily can you market these products?  To be frank with you, there are many products in the market that has similar ingredients. So basically, I am questioning the uniqueness of these products. Notwithstanding, you can sell the Synaura products relatively easily.

Synaura Compensation Plan Review:

Synaura pays you in the following way; Generation Payout, Fast Start Bonus, Straight Line Bonus, Generation Bonus – paid monthly and Generation Bonus. Off course, you have to be on auto-ship for you to meet the minimum sales requirement (30CV) for you to unlock the compensations.  This is basically similar to many MLM companies out there.

Synaura Success Secrets:
1.    Be a leader. You have to invest in yourself. Go out and buy books. Listen to audio books. What all these are doing is marketing you as a leader. People do business with people. Folks will join your Synaura organization not because of Maqui. They will join because of you.
2.    You must leverage the internet to generate leads. This is the bottom line. If you do not have more leads than you can possibly talk to, there is a huge chance that you will not make money with Synaura or any other MLM business. You need an Online Lead generation system. There are billions of people on the internet everyday. You must tap into this market.

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