Beyond The Hype, Is The Trump Network All That – A Review

You are on this page because you are considering whether you should join The Trump Network or not. Well you have come to the right page.  I will separate the hype from the real deal for you. This is coming from someone who has reviewed literally hundreds of MLM companies, both the old ones and news ones.  Perhaps you are on this page also because you are curious if The Trump Network is a scam. Well I will not waste any of my energy really trying to convince you otherwise.  But The Trump Network is not a scam. If you believe for a second that someone like Donald Trump will affiliate his name with a scam, then you have probably made up your mind anyway.  If not, then continue reading.  Just as a disclaimer; I am not affiliated in ANY way with The Trump Network.

The Trump Network Basics

As you have probably known already, The Trump Network is a Network marketing company.  This is otherwise called the MLM which refers to the Multi Level Marketing business.  The principle behind The Trump Network is what Donald Trump has preached in his book. The principle is what Robert Kiyosaki has preached in his book. This is simply the wealth principle.  This is called leverage.  You cannot get rich by yourself.  It is simply impossible.  You must leverage other people’s effort.

With The Trump Network, as you can see at,  you will be marketing The Trump Network’s products which I will talk about in a little bit. However, it is simply impossible for you to sell enough products to be financially free. This is why you have to build a sales force of people that are ready to change their life and also become financially free.  It is very important to understand with The Trump Network and any other MLM companies that you are not a sales rep. If selling vitamins and other products is what you are interested in, then you will be better off working at vitamin store. But The Trump Network is about building a sales force of people that will be marketing the products collectively with you thereby changing yours and their own life.

The Trump Network Product.

I will not place much emphasis on this area. Notwithstanding, I will talk about it. The Trump Network markets health products like nutritional supplements, Botanical infusion supplements, snack foods for children and BioCé skin care products. You simply cannot go wrong marketing health products. This industry is an ongoing area that will soon reach one trillion dollars. However, over 95% of MLM Companies today are marketing health related products.  This will potentially lead to an unnecessary competition.  The question that you should be concern about is how marketable are these products. They are relatively marketable when you compare it to other stuff out there.

Beyond the hype, Can you Make Money With The Trump the trump networkNetwork

Without a doubt, yes you can make money with The Trump Network.  However there are some basic steps that you must understand and master in other to become a top income earner with the Trump Network.  First you must understand that this is a multimillion dollar business and you much treat it as such. I totally understand that your family or friends probably invited you to a home meeting which was where you join. I also understand that you started with $497.00 or so as opposed to a million buck that is required to start a Mcdonalds franchise. However, if you treat The Trump network as $497.00 business, you will fail at it.

To become a top income earner with The trump network, you must brand yourself as a leader. The reason why there is so much buzz around this Network Marketing Company is because of the name Donald Trump.  We have associated success with the name. You must be like this. When your family, friends and acquaintances associate success with your name, they will partner with you in your MLM business.  This will come from the way you talk, the way you walk and even what you wear.  This is why you must continually work on your mindset and knowledge. I am talking about knowledge of life, wealth creation and knowledge of the industry that you are in.

Lastly, you must develop a marketing plan on the right marketing platform. Just like any business, you must market your business.  The best marketing plat form you can have now is the internet.  You can do it the slow way by doing meetings at the starbucks. Or you can do it the fast way by strategically presenting your business before thousands of people weekly on the internet. This comes down to generating MLM leads on the internet. These are leads of people looking for what you are selling. These are leads of people that are ready to change their life.  These are people that will take the opportunity that The Trump Network is presenting.

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    Hello Ola & Shola your blog & articles are off the chain I am in MLSP & I listened to the webinar you guys gave & it knocked me off my socks! Love the articles, training & the comments lol keep them coming I am learning from you guys.

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