TVI Express Review: Is this another Scam?

travellerboard1-largeTVI is an acronym for Travel Ventures International. TVI Express is based in United Kingdom, but for some reason, the company was launched first in china. The Start up cost is $250. We (MLM brothers) have been around for a while to be able to tell you what is a scam and what is not a scam. Is TVI express a scam? I will not go that far. They are not a scam. Can you make lot of money with this business opportunity? The answer to that question is what I will try my best to break down for you. To answer that question, we usually consider three major important aspect of every MLM company which is the ownership, the product and services, and the compensation plan.

I take in pride in being able to find whatever I want on the internet. But for whatever reason, I could not find the ownership or the top money makers in this company. Maybe this is due to the fact that TVI Express is a relatively new company. Even on the company page, nothing is written regarding the leadership of this company. It would have been better for you in making decision if you at least know what the top earners are doing.

Another factor you should consider before you decide to join this company is their services. Are the services marketable? As you can probably imply from their name, this is some kind of traveling related services. As a representative in the TVI express company, you get access to discounted traveling deals and packages through website like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and such.

How popular is this service? This is very popular. People travel every time. The interesting part is that people use Orbitz, expedia and website like these already. So you do not have to worry about how popular these services are. However, what is the demand for these services. How many people do you know that travels in a month? Even though the travel discount and packages are usually better that what you will find else where, how often can you get customers? I will let you answer that question.

Another question that you should ask about this opportunity is; what is the difference between customers and the representatives? From my observation, your job is basically to go out there and recruit people that will pay that $250 for the traveling discount. In my opinion, I prefer when you actually have a service or product that you promote and your customers not necessarily being your business partner.

Can you make money with the TVI Express business opportunity? Yes, you can. You need to lean how to market yourself. I found it interesting that most of us always forget the marketing part from the word “Network marketing.” Once you learn the act of marketing, going to the top of TVI Express will be a joke for you because you will do it in a very little time.

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  1. Joe LoFreso // April 12, 2010 at 9:36 pm //

    Hello my friends,
    I personally have serious insider knowledge about the TVI Express pro’s and con’s.
    I also am familiar with other travel opportunities that are not controversial, but regulated U.S. based companies that pay out very well.

    For more information, visit my Hub Page.

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