TVI Express; Compensation plan Review

TVI Express Review: how do you make money with the TVI Express business opportunity?

I am a pretty old school guy in terms of the MLM compensation plan. I believe any MLM compensation plan should be built from top to bottom. This is what separates us from the corporate world. I believe in the concept of building an organization. Not only is this financially rewarding, but this helps us build our leadership skills and improve our people skills. In my opinion, TVI express falls short in all of these.

When you pay that $250 to join TVI Express, you will be placed on what is called the Traveler Board. The next level to this is called the Express Board. When you leave the traveler board, you will earn $500. When you leave the Express board, you will earn $10,000. Then you will be placed back to the express board for the opportunity to earn another $10,000 in cash and additional $5000 in traveling voucher. This compensation structure is called Revolving Matrix.

Furthermore on TVI Express review, Without going much into the details about the TVI Express compensation plan, I can tell you this, the only way you make money is by moving up the compensation ladder. You have to fill up the 15 spots with new representatives or customers before you can move to the next position. The organization will split after the all the spots are filled. Everybody will be placed on a new level.

After taking a closer look of the TVI Express payment structure, it reminds me of the corporate world. You move up only by helping your upline (so to say) move up and eventually you moving up. From my observation, it will be hard for you to make more money than your upline.

There are other incentives that TVI express will give you based on your performance. You also get some percentage of the total package sold. On a scale of 1-10 for this compensation structure, with 1 being the worse and 10 the best, I will give it a 6. That is still better than the average.

Furthermore on the review of TVI Express, how effective is the training system for TVI Express? The company encourages using the internet to build your business. I commend them for this. This is the internet era. You will need to learn how to market yourself and brand yourself as a leader on the internet. However, TVI Express replicated website alone will not do this for you. If you want to turn that $250 to $10,000 in a stupidly short time, you need an online attraction System.

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