An Objective Review Of Unicity International

This is Unicity International review. Unicity International is another MLM company out there that is marketing set of health related products though the Multi Level Marketing business model. According to the company: “At Unicity International we Make Life Better by helping people Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better.” When Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International. Merged, Unicity International was born. To better understand if this business is the right mlm business for you, it is essential that you examine the leadership of Unicity International, the marketability of their products and the marketing training of the company.

An Objective Review Of Unicity International

Unicity International Leadership Review

The Leadership of Unicity International includes Stewart Hughes – CEO, Brent D. Morrill – President, Christopher Hyunsu Kim – Executive Vice President, Brian Lee – Chief Administrative Office, Clayton Barton – Chief Operating Officer, Curt A. Hedges – Chairman. Qualification wise, these people are well qualified to run any company.

An Objective Review Of Unicity International However, one thing that we always consider is how many years does the leadership of an MLM company has in Network Marketing. It is very important for the owner or a substantial part of the management team to have experience as Network marketers on the field. This way, they know what it feels like. This somehow affects their decision making and it gear it towards favoring the distributors of the company.

For Unicity International, the management do not have enough Network marketing experience. I am not throwing up a red flag yet as a result of this. But it is definitely a concern because if they are faced with certain tough decisions, you can bet that they will make decisions that might not necessarily favors the distributors but might increase the profits of the company.

Unicity International Products Review

An Objective Review Of Unicity International

Let me be the first to tell you that I have never been a big fan of marketing consumable products through the MLM business model. I don’t think that that position is changing anytime soon. Unicity markets products in categories like Anti-Aging, Bone & Joint, Digestive, Heart, Homeopathic, Immune, LifeHealth™, Men’s Health, Personal Care, Xxtra Fitness, Weight Management, Women’s Health .

Unfortunately Unicity markets consumable products. What that means is that when the customers finish the product, you will have to go back and sell again especially if they are not on autoship. In this economy condition that we are in, I believe that your product or services must be a necessity. That is why I endorsed service based MLM company or the MLM companies that market products like Gold and Silver. Those are assets.

So the real question is that how do you make money with Unicity International as a Franchise Owner?

You must learn the art of marketing. Some people call it science, but I choose to call it art. You must market yourself. You have to market your “YOU Inc.” People only do business with people that they know can lead them to financial freedom. You are the product. The Unicity products are NOT the real product. You, the Unicity Franchise Owners, are the real product that the people outside are seeing.

So how to do you market yourself? You market yourself by continuing to improve yourself and work on yourself daily. You have to become a leader. You are a leader the day you determined to be one. No one has to anoint you. People will see you the way you see yourself.  Read books and listen to leadership audio books. The change will start and your prospect will know right away.

Unless you are satisfy with $1000 per month (which is a lot), but if you want substantial income as a Unicity Franchise Owner, you must know how to generate a minimum of 30 targeted leads every day.  This is the honest truth. The old methods of pitching your business to everyone within 3ft of you is not effective for everybody.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a home meeting and letting your warm market know what you are doing. But please understand this; You cannot build a multi million dollar business with just family and friends. That makes no sense. Even if you have an initial momentum from your home meeting, the momentum will stop. That is inevitable.

An Objective Review Of Unicity International

So how do your generate these mlm targeted leads? As Unicity Franchise Owner, you must leverage the internet. I am not talking about buying leads online. You need an MLM system with a lead capturing page that will collect the leads. You must have an online lead generation system. All the top earners in Unicity International. does have this. There are billions of people online everyday looking for what you have to offer. Why not tap into them and profity heavy in Unicity?

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