Univera Reviews: Becoming A Six Figure Income Earner With Univera

You are on this page because you are considering joining Univera and you are wondering if this is the right company to join. You might also be on this page because you are trying to find out if Univera is a scam. I will address this issue also. I will also go over the basic requirement that you will need to become a multiple six figures income earner with Univera without look desperate and chasing family and friends all around.

Is Univera A Scam?

NO, Univera is not a scam. Unfortunately the MLM industry’s reputation took some hit in the 90s from the government and people generally going about the industry in the wrong way. As a result of these, most people are calling almost every MLM companies including Univera a scam. Again, I will re-state this. Univera is not a scam.  The Univera scam claims are just ridiculous.

The first obvious reason that shows that Univera is not a scam is the fact that they have at least one product that they are marketing. There has to be an exchange of goods and/or services from one party to another. There are fraudulent businesses out there where you are supposed to mail in money in the envelope to someone and somehow you will get money back. When you see this, please run.  In the case of Univera, the company is marketing health products.

Lastly on this Univera scam nonsense, the people that go out there calling MLM companies like Univera a scam are people that were distributors at a point in time and failed at it. The no 1 reason why people failed at this business is because they did not treat Univera as a real business that it is. If you treat Univera as some home hobby, most likely you will fail at it. Again, Univeria is not a scam.

Univera Products ReviewsUnivera Scam reviews

As I earlier mentioned, Univera markets health related products.  Their products include XtraTM which help in cell renewal and promotes energy, focus, joint health, mental clarity and many more. There other products include multivitamins, anti stress-products, joint products etc. You should be concern really about the marketability of these products.  To very honest with you, the health industry is very saturated when it comes to MLM companies marketing them. 95% of MLM companies are marketing health products. This makes it a little extra challenging to make money with them.  Notwithstanding the health field is a constantly growing field.  You cannot go wrong with this.

Univera Reviews: Becoming A Six Figure Income Earner With Univera

You must learn how to market.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing home meetings and launching your business the right way. However understand this; you will not become financially free from just family and friends. Just like any businesses, you must learn the science of marketing. Notice that I said science. Marketing is a science because this can be learnt.  So what are you marketing?

You must market yourself as a leader to be successful with Univera. No one wants to work with an amateur. The same way that you would want the best cardiovascular surgeon to do your heart surgery is the same way that your prospects only want to work with the best of the best. Knowledge is power. You must constantly work on your financial education and mindset improvement.  When you go out there and offer value to people’s life, they will work with you. This is marketing you.

The only thing worse than giving a free advice is giving it to people that did not ask for it. You must market your business opportunity to the people that really need it and are looking for it. You must learn and master how to generate these MLM leads. These are HOT leads. These are people that are looking to go up in life. These are people that are sincerely tired of living the 9-5 lifestyle and are looking to be financially free.   You must master the MLM lead generation skills set. You must have a marketing plan and a marketing platform in place. This is where an attraction marketing system comes into place otherwise called online lead generation system.

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