Is Usana MLM A Fraud?

USANA Fraud …. Let’s Find out!

It stills surprise me today how many people go around the internet on the forums and call Network Marketing Companies a fraud and even the prominent ones like Usana MLM. No, Usana is not a fraud. This is one of the top network marketing companies in the world. Usana MLM is giving regular folks like you and me the opportunity to be financially free. Notice that I said the opportunity. The result we get in any MLM Company is 100% dependent on what we as network marketers do. The company is always constant.

Usana Mlm Company is marketing wellness products and others types of product that I will not talk much about. They are all over their websites. I am more interested in trying to find out why many people are calling them a fraud. Who are the people making these Usana fraud allegations all over the internet?

Painting USANA Fraud is Caused By Bitterness

For the most part, the people calling Usana a fraud are the former distributors who had no success when they were with the MLM business. As the name implies, this is a business. If you do not treat Usana as a business, they most like you will not make a dime with the network marketing business. I totally understand that you did not pay thousands of dollars to get started with the business. I also understand that you were introduced by one of your family friends. That been said, people who do not treat this like a multimillion dollar business that it is will fail in the business.

USANA Fraud Allegations Are Caused By Failure To Learn Marketing

People making these Usana fraud allegations are the ones that did not master the science of marketing. Notice that I said science. Building a huge organization with any Network marketing business is a science. Marketing your Network Marketing business is a science that requires some learning curve. I am not talking about putting flyers on cars in front of the mall. I am not talking about the annoying 3ft rule. I am not talking about pitching family and friends. However, I am talking leveraging the internet.

Finally, the people calling Usana a fraud are the ones that wasted money on buying MLM opportunity seekers leads. You have to master the skill sets to generate MLM leads online for free. To do this, you must have an online leads generation system. Generating Network Marketing leads is very simple and you can do it using different methodologies. However, having an online leads generation system is a must. There you go with the USANA Fraud FALSE allegations.

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