Is Vemma MLM Business A Scam

vemma scamYou are on this page because you are asking yourself if the Vemma scam talks are true. Well I will provide the answer to that. I can surely tell you that you are not alone when it comes to that belief that Vemma is a scam. To be quite honest, there are probably around 1300 more people like you that are wondering the same thing if the Vemma scam allegations are accurate. I will also examine who are the people making this claims and why they are making the claims.

Vemma Scam? NO!.

Yes, the Vemma scam talks are just not accurate. Vemma is a Network Marketing business that is providing regular folks like you and me the opportunity to be financially free by marketing their products through the multi level marketing business model. As you might be aware, the MLM industry has had a bad reputation over the years due to many reasons including MLM distributors going about their businesses in the wrong ways. But the simple fact is that Vemma is not a scam.

It is quite possible that you are just curious and Skeptical. That is natural. However, you need to snap out of it now. Vemma is not a scam. Vemma is operating under the wealth principle called Leverage. Leverage is the name of the game. You cannot get rich by yourself. Bill Gates, Warren Buffets have both produced more millions than anyone in the history of this country. This is why they are both the richest in America Today. MLM business including Vemma is preaching this.

The first obvious reason why I know for a fact that the Vemma scam talks are not true is due to the fact that they are marketing at least one product. As you might know already, Vemma market the Vemma drink. They also market the Vemma PM, Vemma Verve, Vemma Thirst, and Vemma Next. We can debate the effectiveness of these products all day long. But that is not the point here and it does now legitimize the Vemma scam talks. There has to be the exchange of goods and services from one hand to the other. There are some mail money opportunities all over the place. Run away from those because there is no goods involve. It’s only a matter of time before the federal government crack down on them. However this is not the case with Vemma. This should be diffusing the Vemma scam talks now.

In other to fully understand if Vemma is a scam or not, it is very important that you examine the Company. Vemma was started by BK Boreyko. BK Boreyko has a very interesting story. As far as I know, this man has no bad reputation generally speaking. Don’t get me wrong, he is a businessman and will make business decision if necessary. However, he is not running a Vemma scam business. The leadership and management of Vemma should be the least of your concern.

Who Are The People Running Around With This Vemma Scam Talks

For the most part, they are former Vemma distributors that have no or little success with the Vemma business opportunity. It is in the nature of us human being to play the blame game. The former distributors are either blaming their upline or blaming the Vemma compensation plan. Vemma Compensation is definitely not the best that I have seen. However there are people in the company making monthly 6 figure income under the same compensation plan. I know this people won’t make the Vemma scam claim. These people that failed in the Vemma business go online and on forums and start calling Vemma a scam.

The people making the Vemma scam allegations are the one that do not and are not willing to understand that Vemma is a business. It is true that you started the business with a small amount of money. It is also true that you were probably introduced into the business by family and friends. However, if you do not treat this business like a multi million dollars business that it is, you will fail at it. These are the people that make these Vemma scam claims.

Despite the Vemma Scam Talks, Ways To become A multiple 6 Figure Earner.

You have to brand yourself. Something must set you apart from the crowd. There are lot of noises out there both online and offline. But something must set your apart. This is call branding. The problem with the MLM professionals is that they go around and pitch every single soul that they meet about their Vemma business. People only work with the people that they know and that they perceived as a leader. No one wants to work with an amateur. You have to brand yourself as leader. Do this by constantly working on yourself and your mindset. This will set you apart from obviously the people making Vemma scam claims online.

Last but not the least; you have to understand that the Vemma business is a numbers game. You need to be constantly generating MLM leads in other to blow your Vemma business in a record time. We have young people now constantly generating multiple 6 figure income monthly because they understand the numbers game. In other to do this, you have to leverage the internet to market your business. The internet is the greatest invention in the history of mincing. There are literally millions of people every day on the internet looking for ways to make just extra $500 dollars per month. It is your Job as a business owner to strategically position yourself and your business in front of them. Hope you know by now that the Vemma scam ideas are not true.

VEMMA Scam… Absolutely Not!

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