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Vemma Reviews On Business Model

You are here because you are considering Vemma business opportunity OR you are here because you are already part of this business and you are looking for a way to explode your business. Well you have come to the right page.  Here one of the most honest Vemma reviews,  I will review the ownership of Vemma for you. I will review Vemma products. I will review Vemma compensation. Finally I will tell you the secrets to building your Vemma business and recruiting 20-30 new distributors every month.

Vemma Reviews On Leadership Review

One of the biggest factors that you must consider before you decided to jump into any business opportunity is the ownership of that business. Vemma business was started by BK Boreyko. As you probably know already, New Vision® is the foundation or parent company for Vemma. New Vision® has a solid reputation for health products. Mr. Boreyko looks like he knows what he is doing and a sincere man.  Vemma business leaders should be the least of your worries.

Vemma Reviews On Products

Furthermore on this Vemma reviews, as you are aware already, Vemma has multiple health products that they are promoting.  I will be honest with you here. I will not spend forever telling you about the mangosteen details and this and that.  Because when it comes to you making money, IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Vemma obviously markets Vemma drink whose major nutrient is the mangosteen. Mangosteen is a common nutrient in the nutrition drinks especially those that are marketed by the Multi Level Marketing business model.  It has antioxidant features and contains some vitamins. Vemma also markets the Vemma nutrition products.

There is also the Vemma NEXT™ which is mainly for children.  This company also market Vemma Verve which is an energy drink. I can tell you that coffee is not going anywhere though. They also have Vemma Thirst coming out.

In addition on this Vemma reviews,  how marketable are these products?  They are somewhat marketable. I have seen worst and I have seen better products to market. We are strong believers in marketing products or services that people will use anyway.  It is bad enough that the economy is this bad. Convincing people to buy some energy drink or vitamin drink is not something that I am personally interested in doing. I would rather market what they will use ANYWAY.

Vemma Business Compensation Plan Reviews

Vemma business compensation plan is the binary structure. In order words, your job is to build two legs. I would love to honestly tell you the advantage and disadvantage of the binary structure compensation plan. But you need to understand this; it does not matter what the compensation structure is.

Please do not for a second think that your job is to just recruit 2 people or focus on driving those two legs deep.  You are responsible to help as many people as possible in your downline to recruit new distributors. This will maximize your compensations and bonuses that Vemma has put in place.

How to Personally Sponsor 20-30 new reps every month in your Vemma business

It baffles me sometimes how many new distributors think that they can build their business and make lot of money by promoting Vemma and their products. Do not get wrong here. You HAVE to be excited about the products and Vemma business.  But do not be delusional about this. This is your business. If people decide to sign up, it will be because of you not Vemma.

You have to brand yourself as a leader. You have to work on yourself as much as you can. The problem these days is that lot folks come to the business world with the Job mentality. You will fail with that approach.  Invest in books, tapes, knowledge.

Here is the good news; branding yourself has become extremely easy in this internet age. There are billions of people on the internet every day.  You have to promote yourself on the internet. The idea that you will build a multi million dollar business with just family and friends is a joke. Market yourself, and people will do business with you. People do business with people. Vemma is already doing a great job of promoting themselves.

Finally on this Vemma reviews, you must have an online lead generation system to really build your Vemma business relatively quickly. Both offline and online, the fact you need leads to talk to does not change. Spending money and buying opportunity seekers is the first step to bankruptcy. It is not a smart way to generate leads.

The fact you spend the money will get you emotionally attached to the process, which is not a good thing.  With the online lead generation system, you will be placed in front of highly targeted audience. People who are looking for what you have to offer. When you start generating 50-100 leads per day online, your Vemma business will grow fast. Very fast.

P.S. LOTS of people need to hear this message, and they will thank you for sharing it with them. Please do your part and spread the love!  Like I said… this is the best of all the vemma reviews you find.

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  1. All in all a fair review! Products have changed my life in less than 3 months!! Health excellant ( on disabity due to all that was wrong with me)! Whats funny but not is the income I don’t need to understand the comp plan doing this help many people as I can!! A little Family gathering Saturday i have invited the family to go to Disney Land, all of but for the children but also for adults! My Tab for for everything. I know that ican not take the money with me!!!!
    It’s remarkable one what can do with knowledge and FAITH!!! TRUST IN GOD! ” JESUS I TRUST IN YOU”
    Tom Strickland

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