A Review Of ViSalus Sciences? Is This Another Scam?

Visalus Scam?

You are on this page because you are considering joining ViSalus Sciences® and trying to decide if this is a right company to join. OR you are just trying to confirm your Visalus scam believes. Well you have come to the right place. Just to get this out of the way now, ViSalus Sciences® is not a scam. The Visalus scam talk is all nonsense. In this Visalus reviews I will talk about their products and ways to become a top earner with the MLM Company.

As I have mentioned earlier, Visalus is a Network Marketing Company that is giving you and me the chance to be financially free as an entrepreneur by marketing health products and basically promoting healthy living. Well as you might know already, MLM companies like Visalus are generally referred to as scams. As I said earlier, Visalus is not a scam.

visalus-sciences-scam-reviewVisalus is marketing health related products through the multi level marketing business model. In other words, they are promoting leveraging each other’s effort. This concept is what most people do not OR do not want to understand based on their own selfish reasons. All the wealthiest people in this world have all produced more millionaires than anyone by leveraging those people’s effort. The wealth creating principle is called Leverage. Again, Visalus is not a scam.

Furthermore on the The Alleged Visalus Scam  Review

we will examine the leadership of Visalus. Visalus was started by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola. The first thing that you must look at is the network marketing experience of the owners. These guys have the experience. Most importantly, they have the financial backing of Blyth Inc., a billion dollar publicly traded company. Things will not be always smooth. Visalus seems to be financially in position to withstand the inevitable turbulence. The Visalus Blyth partnership should also show you that the Visalus Scam allegations are just ridiculous.

visalus sciences review scamFurthermore on the Visalus review, you also have to look at the products being promoted by ViSalus Sciences®. The fact that they are marketing at least one product also should show you that ViSalus is not a scam. Visalus markets health systems like the Vi-pak®.  Their weight management products includes Nutra-Cookie – Oatmeal Raisin, TSS™ Replenish Kit – No Box and Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Shake Mix. They also promote many performance (Physical off course..lol) enhancement products.  You can not really go wrong marketing health wellness products. This is almost a trillion dollar industry.

There are High Income Earners In the VISALUS Scam.. Legal Money

Becoming a top earner with ViSalus Sciences® involves understanding that Visalus is a business. This is the most important point that I will make in this Visalus review. Many people join Visalus with $499 and as a result think that this is some kind of hobby. This is a real business. If you do not threat it as a multi million dollar business that it is, you will fail at it. That is just the simple fact.

Also on this Visalus review, you have to understand that you are not a sales associate. Your job is not to sell the products. Your job is the sell the dream of a better lifestyle. Focus on improving your prospecting skills and consequently your sponsoring skills. To be quite honest with you, the money is in recruiting and building a big organization. If you have problem with that, then you probably have no business in Network Marketing. It is not as hard as people have made it to be.

Lastly on this Visalus review, you must master the skill of MLM lead generation. MLM business like ViSalus Sciences® is a numbers game. You have to present your business to lots of people. Majority of the people will not get it. This is the major reason why many quit in the business or go around calling Visalus a scam. But if you have 30-100 people that you have to present your business to everyday, you won’t have the time to be down because of one rejection. Online MLM lead generation is very simple when you learn the right skills set.

PS: This is as honest as it gets.. At press time, all the Visalus scam allegations are false.

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