How To Be Broke With Wealth Masters International

Wealth Masters InternationalWhat are the easy ways to be broke with Wealth Masters International? Does Wealth Masters International give you the opportunity to be financially free or the opportunity to be broke? Do you really need another way to be broke? It’s bad enough that our society has created enough broke environment.  This is one of the honest and brutal reviews of Wealth Masters International that you will find anywhere on the internet. I‘ll give you a critical review of the Wealth Masters International products and their compensation plan. Is Wealth Masters International for everyone?  What skills set do you need to master to become a top income earner with Wealth Masters International?

Wealth Masters International (WMI) underlining Principle

Wealth Masters International is a direct sales company. This company is a top tier Network marketing Company. This means their products are more expensive than your regular MLM juice and vitamins. The underlining principle with this company is leverage. Leverage is actually the major wealth principle. The only way you can get what you want is by helping others get what they want. If you want to be rich, you have to help others get rich directly or indirectly. Wealth Masters International is giving you the opportunity to make money by selling their products (financial education) and helping others to do exactly what you are doing.  If you have problem with this idea, then you probably don’t have business being in business. Bill Gates and Warren Buffets have produced more millionaires than probably everyone.  This is why they are the 2 of the 3 richest people in this world.

Wealth Masters International (WMI) Products

Wealth Masters International promotes financial education products. They are listed below

MPOWER Program

WMI markets mPOWER disc set. This is an introductory course for the more advanced WMI financial education courses. As stated on their website, “This weekly coaching program lets you experience what it is like to have the 1% Solution experts as your personal prosperity coaches and mentors through live webinars each week.” This also comes with a monthly newsletter and a trial version of WMI money management software.  This is the first 30 days of the 100-days M1 program. It costs $295.00.


This is the first major course/product that Wealth Masters International is offering.  They also call this a 1% solution. The idea behind this 100-day exclusive curriculum is that; a 1% daily improvement will lead to a 100% improvement in your financial foundation in 100 days. As stated on their website, “The M1 provides specific, time-tested guidance from the brightest minds in the world to get your financial house completely in order.” This program cost $1995.00.

WMI M2 Wealth Conference

As the name implies, this is ticket to a conference. As you might have guessed, the conference will featured experts in the financial, investment and wealth building industry. The catch here is that you will gain access to information that you wouldn’t have access to in the Forbes or any money magazine. You will learn the science or art of investing. You can get the Platinum Program of WMI M1 and M2 for $9,995.00

Wealth Masters International M3 Private Wealth Group

This is information packed 5 days conference at a luxurious location. As part of this group, you will gain access to wealth creating opportunity as the opportunities arise.  With this package, you will gain access to the best of best in the personal growth and wellness.  The WMI platinum plus program cost $19,995.00 and that comes with M1 and M2 and a $8995 M3.

Wealth Masters International Hybrid Compensation Plan

You can get paid every week based on your effort and personal sales. You can also get paid monthly based on team effort and also you can get paid quarterly bonus. The price for these products is expensive when you compare it to your typical MLM Company. However, the higher the price is, they higher the commission.

Whenever you sell the Mpower program disk, you will make $100 and $50 when someone in your team sells this. You will make $900 for every $1995.00 WMI M1 that you sell. When someone in your team sells this M1 program, you will get paid $200.00. For every $8995.00 WMI M2 program that you sell, you will earn $4,500. You will earn $500 when someone in your team sells the M2 ticket. For every $13,995 program that you sell, you will earn $7000 in commission. When someone in your team sells this advanced ticket, you will earn $750. The residual income goes up to 5th level.

Is Wealth Masters International For Everyone?

Obviously the answer to that question is NO. If you are looking for a typical MLM company where you have to build a huge organization to make money, then Wealth Masters International is the wrong place. Wealth Masters International will reward your mostly for your own effort. This is not a babysitting business. Part of their income plan is passive. But the real money is in the money that you make when you personally sell the Wealth Masters International programs. WMI is more geared towards sales oriented people. You can easily tell your aunt to pay $499 to join some telecommunication MLM business. But how to do you tell a family member (who is still struggling with mortgage) to pay $1995 for just the WMI M1 program? It takes an exceptional mind to really see the Wealth Masters International dream.

Becoming a 7 Figure Earner with Wealth Masters International

You must master internet Marketing. There are 2 aspects to this. There is the internet part and there is the marketing part. You have to leverage the internet. I can’t over-emphasize this enough. The internet is the biggest invention of mankind in my opinion. The internet will put you in front of your audience immediately. As I am writing this, there are 60,500 people searching for “make money” online every month just on Google. You have to strategically position yourself in front of them every month.

Starbucks won’t cut it for Wealth Masters International. You can give it a try if you want to be broke with Wealth Masters International.

You can trust me on that.

You must have a marketing plan. Some people call it a sales funnel. This is basically a system where you collect leads. You make these leads get comfortable with you by providing to them values that will truly benefit them. People only do business with people that they know and are comfortable with. For you to do this, that means you have to increase your own value. Learn a skill set. There are different steps to this as you can see from the diagram below. But the bottom line to this is that you must have an attraction marketing system that will do 80% of this job for you. There are guys making around $100K in their first month in Wealth Masters International because they implemented an Attraction marketing system into their Wealth Masters International marketing plan.

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  1. Poorerforit // January 5, 2012 at 12:09 am //

    Wealth masters international is a ripoff, stay away from these clowns. Their programs are a joke. Do not give them your money.

  2. Ola & Shola // January 6, 2012 at 10:56 pm //

    Ha Chris, is there any specific reason why u said that?

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