Wowgreen International Business Opportunity Review

The name of this company speaks for itself. Wowgreen International, LLC is an MLM company that promotes green products. Wowgreen manufactures mainly cleansing products. The difference between their cleansing products and the others in the market is that; Wowgreen products are made mainly from Enzymes. Enzymes are naturally found in the body whose job is to break down complex compounds. Their product will allegedly clean without leaving a toxic residue. Wowgreen International, LLC states that their desire is to free the world from toxic materials. I would think that is a big dream, which is very achievable. So far, everything about Wowgreen is good.

Wowgreen International Business Opportunity Review
Furthermore on the Wowgreen review, the leadership of this company includes Allie T. Mallad, Rick Birndorf, Dave Deal, and Owen Stern. The leadership of MLM Company, especially the start up MLM companies is one of the factors that we review when we are taking a look at the company. From what we know so far, these are all well and able gentlemen. They have combined many years of business and entrepreneurship experience. Their experience includes Network marketing (As a rep), business startup, Finance etc I think you would be in good hand if you decide to join these men. But keep this in mind; they are Business men who will make business decisions.

Wowgreen International Compensation
Furthermore, on the Wowgreen review, in terms of their compensation plan, with Wowgreen International business opportunity, you can make money in five different ways. The first way is to make the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price. Usually this is about 20% commission. You can also get paid a bonus when you enrolled a distributor and when they make their first order. This is called the FIRST ORDER ENROLLER BONUS. Other ways that you can get paid with Wowgreen international includes; Binary Bonus, Executive matching bonuses on green starter packs and Awards, Incentives and accolades (like car allowance and trips).

Training System
In my opinion the number one factor that I examine when evaluating a company is their training system. After reviewing the Wowgreen International policy, to my surprise honestly, Wowgreen accommodates the revolution called the internet. They are not primarily teaching the online marketing methods to their distributors, but they acknowledge it. That is a start. This is better than 95% of the MLM companies out there. Wowgreen’s preferred method is still the traditional old school methods. Now some people are successful with that. But 97% of Network marketers are not. You need to leverage the internet.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is this. Wowgreen International has great products that you can sell relatively easily. These are products that people will use anyway. The recession should have little, if any, effect on the sales of these products. If I can be frank with you though for a second, Wowgreen products do not matter. People do business with people. People will join you not Wowgreen International. The people that you meet everyday, what virtue are you adding to their life? Are you influential enough? To make it big in any MLM company including Wowgreen, you need to be influential. There is no way around this.

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