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HCG Slim is the product of an MLM Company called Yipiz. The establishment was started by Brett Bastion. This article is not going to be about Yipiz’s reliability or their product. I will get more into your likelihood of success in this company. Quite a few things apart from the obvious will determine if you will make a nickel in Yipiz. Your financial independence is in the hands of a few factors you need to know about NOW.

A few Yipiz reviews crossed my path on the net.

I noticed one thing in common with all of the creators of the posts. They are only after getting Yipiz representatives into their own business opportunity. I will be generic but extremely honest in my review. Let’s just say what I say will be applicable to any MLM opportunity.

If the target of any of the Yipiz reviews that you read is not aim at your success in Yipiz, that is a red flag. It quite frankly means they don’t have your best interest in their mind. Normally, that is the case. The creators are just trying to sponsor you into their own business. This is why I laugh every time someone tells me they want to do a research after introducing them to a business opportunity such as Yipiz. Google is their research platform 92.38% of the time.

Yipiz fraud claims are usually argghhhh non-legitimate. Those claims are mostly originated from ignorant prospects. The second highest number of people the Yipiz scam accusation comes from are failed and are disappointed Yipiz distributors.

Prospects will normally have a defensive wall up when sharing your Yipiz opportunity. Scam news are popular than ever on the late news so that’s what comes to mind first. To be frank, there are way too many news of MLM start-ups that have disappeared as well.

That will scare most of your prospects from Joining Yipiz in my opinion anyway.

With that been said, genuine entrepreneurs will respond to your offer as a skillful prospector regardless of scam reports. Usually, Multilevel Marketing companies promises nothing other than an opportunity to become a marketer marketing the products they provide you such as the HCG Slim.

Can anyone really claim that Yipiz is a scam? At time of publishing this, Yipiz has not been proven to be a scam. Realize that Multilevel Marketing companies are statistically not going to be any more of a scam than the number of fortune 500 regular companies that have come and go due to crooked CEOs.

Yipiz success is dependent inevitably on one thing. YOU! My friend. The HCG Slim is all yours now. You will fail at aims to market the product if you don’t belive in it. Going through the appropriate marketing education and realizing the need is your key to success in Yipiz.

The Corporate Yipiz training is just not sufficient. I totally realize that they probably mention the need for leadership more than anything but they usually forget what it requires to be the leader of a running business. Talk is cheap; action speaks louder therefore practical education is a must.

Marketing and branding of yourself is exceptionally important in building and Sponsoring into your Yipiz business. I said nothing about marketing and branding of HCG Slim. HCG Slim will not even be a decision factor when it comes to using this skill sets. Your prospect will simply listen to you because of the perceived value of your recommendation. Relationship building is key here.

Sponsoring of family and friends into your Yipiz business

… is a headache for most people even with the existing relationship. Why is this so? Let me clarify that. Sure you can use your existing Rolodex but it doesn’t mean a thing. Regardless, you need to be loaded with the right skill set because they are prospects too. When you are done going through them, then you need even more prospective customers and leads. Lead generation is a training that Yipiz will most likely never offer you. You need to take care of that.

You need a situation where you are sharing Yipiz opportunity with prospects and you actually don’t care if they join because you have more leads and prospects that time permits you to speak to. Revealing it is as good as doing a friend a favor. Your Yipiz enterprise become a lot more fun that way. You will sound like you are selling a scam if you plead and your prospect will sense that you are needy. Therefore they won’t join Yipiz.

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