Is Zamzuu Really The Future Of Online Shopping

ZamzuuIs Zamzuu really the future of online shopping? That is the question that I will be tackling here. Can you really make a significant amount of money with Zamzuu? Can you become a six figure income earner with Zamzuu? What is the future prospect for Zamzuu? For those of you who do not know, YTB (Which I reviewed while back) re-branded t themselves to become Zamzuu. Let me rephrase that statement. YTB launched a different brand of themselves which they called Zamzuu.

Zamzuu is capitalizing on the fact that many people are increasingly coming online to shop for whatever they want and need. So why not start an online shopping center which they claim is the future of Online shopping. For those who don’t know this already, Zamzuu is operating on the Leverage principle. Basically you will get rich off other people’s effort. The underline principle here is that they only way you will get what you want is by helping other people to get what they want. If you have problem with that statement, you probably won’t make any money in Zamzuu or other MLM business. With Zamzuu, you job is to shop at the shopping portal and refer other people to do likewise.

How Do You Get Paid With Zamzuu

With Zamzuu, you will get paid off the commission of anything sold on your Zamzuu shopping portal. You can earn up to 50-60% of commissions paid to Zamzuu. Do not confuse this with 50-60% of the sales volume on your shopping portal. This is 50-60% of the commissions paid to Zamzuu. Don’t get caught with this number. Because quite frankly the company can increase or decrease that whenever it makes business sense.  Also when you refer people to join Zamzuu as a business owner, you will get paid off what they (your recruits) do. Here is the bottom line though. The wealth is in the organization. The more people you recruit, the more money you will make. The bigger your organization is, the more money you will make.

Why I Am Not Sold On Zamzuu

If you visit their website, the first thing you will noticed is the little information on the place. This is not totally a red flag to me. Notwithstanding, I am curious on what they were hiding. I had to do a little extra research to find out what I need to know about the company. We are in a transparency era.  The reality show era.  All your basic company information should be on your website.

The only future for online shopping that I can see now is Google and Yahoo. That is about it. I mean you can basically type whatever you want to buy on Google and Yahoo. The different prices will come up and you can see the best deals on the internet. Zamzuu will not beat this. That is just the honest truth.

I don’t know about you, I am interested in working with people that want to make multiple six figures income every month. I am not interested in people that want to make extra $50 per week. But Zamzuu seems to be after people like this.

Bottom Line About Zamzuu

Can you make a six figure income with Zamzuu? Definitely you can. You must have an abundance of leads though. That is life of your business. As matter of fact, Leads is the life of any business. You must generate leads. I am not opposed to referring family and friends. But that might potentially make you extra $100 per month. I don’t think that is what you are looking for. You need a marketing plan on how to make extra $50,000 per month.

You must generate Zamzuu Leads Online. Notice that I said generate. Do not spend money on buying opportunity seekers on the internet. These people are just job seekers. These are people looking for jobs. The people that you need to talk to are the people that are tired of the 9-5 life style. The people that you need to talk to are the people looking for what you are selling. You are selling a dream and Zamzuu is nothing but just a vehicle.


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