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Zurvita Review

How easy exactly is it to make 100K IN Zurta in your first year? Is it as easy as the company is making you to believe or even easier? You are on this page because you are looking for away to make money in the home based business and you are considering Zurvita. You might also be on this page because you are already part of Zurvita and you are looking for ways to be a top income earner with them. Well, you have come to the right page. How can you become a top income earner with Zurvita? First Zurvita is not a scam. Let me just get that out of the way.

Zurvita Operating Principle

As earlier mentioned, Zurvita is an MLM company marketing series of products and services through the multi level marketing business model. The idea here is to build a team of people marketing the products and services. The concept here is called Leverage. You are leveraging other people’s effort. They will make money and you will make money also. Leverage is the wealth principle.  For you to get what you want, you must help other people get what they want. If you have problem with this, you most likely don’t have business in the business world.

Zurvita Products and Serviceszurvita

  • Zlinked:  This is a local consultancy services. The concept behind this is the fact that yellow pages are not as effective as it used to be. More and more people are coming online to search for local businesses. Zlinked basically help with this and help the local business have online presence. Your job as a Zurvita Consultant is to market this service to local businesses.
  • Zurvita Choice by MXenergy: As the name implies, this involves energy provision. Zurvita is simply capitalizing on energy deregulation by offering this to customers.
  • ZURVITA Health: Zurvita also offers health benefits for the customers. Zurvita health memberships come with TelaDoc, Vision, Hearing, Rx/Pharmacy Diagnostic, Imaging and lab Benefit and Patient Advocacy.
  • Other services offered by Zurvita are digital voice service, Legal membership and shopping discounts.

Zurvita Compensation:

So how do you get paid with Zurvita? There are 3 ways to get paid with Zurvita Network Marketing. The first way is what they called the immediate income. You basically get this when you sign up any customer for any of the product and services. The second way is the residual income. This comes from you building an organization. The last way is the leadership bonus.

Become a Six Figure Income Earner With Zurvita

To really make any substantial amount of income, you have to build a huge organization. The money is in organization. To do this, you need a huge supply of leads every day.  You need to be generating more leads than you can possibly talk to daily. I am not telling you to go and spend money on buying leads. Those leads that are being sold online are nothing but Job seekers. I am telling you this from experience. These leads are nothing but curious people that went online and fill out forms. You need leads of people that are tired of being broke. You need leads of people that are ready to buy what you are selling which is the Zurvita MLM business.

You must have a marketing system and marketing plan in other to be a top income earner with Zurvita. A marketing system is just the platform. The marketing plan is how you will generate these leads. There are different methods out there. You can use pay per click, social media, SEO, article writing and many more. You can easily lose your money also trying to implement all these. This is why you need the marketing system which you can also call a training portal. This is the 21zt century way of building Zurvita.

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