Brian Fanale – Internet Rockstar – Is He Real?

If you are looking up information on Brian Fanale, then it is very likely that you are in internet or network marketing.  There is also a slight chance that you might be one of his music fans as he was also trying to make it into the music industry.  In this review, I will be honest with you as far as his role in the internet and network marketing industry is concerned.

Brian Fanale is one of the co-founders of MyLeadSystemPro a.k.a MLSP which is a training and marketing platform for reps and distributors in network marketing.  The MLSP system revolutionized the way network marketers perceived their business.  Through the training and tools that come with MLSP, reps transform from seeing themselves as a mere representative or distributor to real business people building an empire with multiple streams of income.

brian fanale imgHe started off in this industry like most people.  Brian Fanale struggled with the family and friends chasing situation.  The struggle was enough to make him quit like most do.  But as you know, when you want success bad enough, no struggle can stop you.  Instead of stopping, you would rather solve the main problem for you and others going through the same thing or die trying.  That is exactly what Brian Fanale and his partners did.

Today, MLSP is the biggest and the most successful attraction marketing system on the planet.  I strongly think this was made possible because the system is built around success for others and helping individuals build their own brand.  Brian Fanale is also one of the top income earners with Carbon Copy Pro.  This guy is getting his hands dirty in the mud himself.  He is not just talking the talk, he is walking the walk.

Dealing with objections is something I noticed Brian Fanale doesn’t care about mastering.  I think you should pay attention to what I am about to say.  I learned a great deal from that and it took me a second to get complete grasp of that philosophy.

For example, there is a chance that you are on this article right now because he offered you something and you are being simply human; skeptical.  He doesn’t sit around looking for a way to hard close people like you.  Brian Fanale simply focus on those that are ready for success and this philosophy allows him to go through numbers quickly.  What numbers? Success is a numbers game my friend.

Because of people like him, I became more and more emotionless about this business and I am just focused on helping those that are ready right now for success.  If there is a prospect that is not ready, that is fine.  If success is meant for them, they will get around to it.  If not, that is also fine.

The first time I laid my hands on Brian Fanale phone number, I sent him a text asking for help.  In my mind, I was simply gambling.  I just didn’t expect a multi-millionaire like him to be answering texts from random people.  But he did and he has been a mentor since then.

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  1. you guys are ROCKIN’ out there…
    congrats, and i look forward to shaking your hands out in vegas on oct. 2nd & 3rd.

    keep up the great work boys.


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