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George Zalucki’s teachings are timeless just like many of the greatest achivers like Napoleon Hill, Jesus Christ and many more that the master of the universe has blessed us with. He is like an angel floating around to save network marketing professionals. It will only be right that we profile him here at MLM Business Today since our mission is to simply save as many as possible from the staggering 97% failure rate of our industry.

Ola of MLM Brothers Hanging Out With Mr George Zalucki

Ola Abitogun of MLM Brothers Hanging Out With Mr George Zalucki

Every now and them, I still come accross people who think the principles of success and wealth only affect one group and not the other. Some think that they are only effective in some generation and not the other; affect one time period and not the other; affects one religion and not the other. George Zalucki’s Teaching begs to differ. Sorry, this things are timeless and non-respecter of who you are. The universe and/or the master of the universe asks, “who do you think you are?”


Opinions is what is killing a lot of people. About 95% of people are going to their graves without ever reaching theirs full potential because of their messed up opinions of how success is suppose to come. These opinions are driven by their personal experiences and backgrounds which Mr George Zalucki referred to as filters. Any individual who wants to break this stupid cycle can simply listen to people who have the results they want like George Zalucki, rather than the opinions that are usually expressed from people with no results.

Mr Zalucki explained at one of his international seminars we attended that if you put 200 people in a room to listen to a presentation, there will never be two identical intake and interpretation of the presented information. This is simply a charasteristics of human being. It is in your best interest to be aware of This.


“What is in your filter?” Mr Zalucki asks. Your background, your religion or your culture? Most people simply duplicates the financial level of their parents, loved ones and people they surround themselves with; plus or minus 20%. Your choice of thoughts, emotions, Reactions and habits; exactly in that order, overtime uniquely create your circumtances. It does not matter what you worship. You can change any of these, starting from your thoughts by simply picking up a darn book.

“You will need to be able to feel and include as OK, the emotions of – Inadequate, Incompetent, Nervous, Anxious, Insufficient, Not Good Enough,Embarrassed, disappointment, Frustration Upset, Betrayed, and even Ridiculed. If you are not forewarned, those emotions will run you out of the business,” says George Zalucki.

We are all going to work hard. The question is, will you be working smart as well. Don’t you think it will be smart to work hard on mastering thoughts and emotions mentioned above as well? If you use the next one year to work hard at mastering these things, you can have the rest of your life to enjoy financial and time freedom. The other choice is to work hard for 40-50 years because of fear of security which is a simple illusion, especially in recession.


George Zalucki

George Zalucki

“If you are committed to the Big Three: Preparation, Presentation, and Persistence, then I will now offer you the soundest advice that I can after 28 years in this Industry through my Observations Of Facts! The big money earners in this Industry do what the little earners don’t or won’t do, and they do so as a “HABIT”. They are very coachable and quickly realize that whatever their level of education or professional or employment background, they do not know how to build an income generating Network Marketing Machine,” say George Zalucki.

No one can run around the internet or the streets and claim that anyone ever guaranteed anything in this industry. How can I guarantee what you will chose to do? Champions and achievers never think there is any guarantee of handover foreign to their own soul and body.  Champions know that persistence is the only thing that can beat resistance; not even avoiding resistence can beat it.

In conclusion, leveraging the internet for preparation, presentation and persistence will put you and your business on steroids. I was not surprised to find out that Mr George Zalucki is on facebook even after 35 years of financial freedom and in his 70’s. What is you? excuse again? You can either make excuse or money; choose one! One common denominator about achievers and the biggest and most successful corporations is that they update and educate themselves from time to time; hence, George Zalucki’s ultimate timelessness.

“The successful people in this Industry made building their Network a solid business priority and not ‘a once in a while’ happening. They treated their opportunity as though they had invested $50,000-$100,000 to get started,” says Mr. George Zalucki. We will leave you with this for now. If you treat any business including our beloved network marketing mlm business like a mere $500 hobby, it will reward you exactly what hobbies reward people.

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