Mike Dillard Scam?- Magnetic Sponsoring Review

If you think Mike Dillard is a scam, you must be out of your mind. Even though, as of today that we are writing this posting, Mr Mike Dillard philosophy is fresh; he has paved the way for a few of us (just about 1% of the industry) to dominate the next wave in the Network Marketing, MLM or Home Based Business arena.

Have you ever been in that situation where you felt like you had thought of an idea earlier and all of a sudden, some one exposed you to that idea. Mike Dillard is that person to us.

mike-dillardWe just knew there had to be a better way to build a business than family, friends, strangers at the mall and people who are just comfortable with their mediocre life; Mr Dillard, through a Londoner and Top producer Dr Ket Sang Tai had to validate this with some little idea called Magnetic sponsoring.

Magnetic Sponsoring means exactly that. Being the chasee and not the chaser. I don’t know about you, but we definitely imagined it in our heads to be chased by millions of people to see our opportunity. Magnetic sponsoring is a revolutionary philosophy that was created by Mike Dillard out of his laziness as he claimed and it has changed our lives and our business

As engineering graduates we knew the capabilities technology. As experienced business men even before MLM, we knew leverage is the name of the game and technology can definitely help to put leveraging on steroids.

We were convinced enough to run to the internet and learn to master marketing. We have done that and helped thousands of people to do that as well by simply mentoring success hungry network marketing professionals.

A lot of people has brought the job mentality to the business and that is why they would not do anything their upline has no instructed them to do even if it means more profit and more time in their lives. Little or no wonder, often times I notice such uplines still has a job and in fact not financial free.

What is common between the MLM Brothers (Ola & Shola Abitogun) and Mike Dillard is that we disobeyed our uplines on these grounds. We leveraged the internet and other technological tools to clone ourselves and become valuable to thousands of people in moments and instances. Your bank account is a reflection of your value to others. Plain and simple.

Below is a video that was recently shot by Mr Mike Dillard himself to explain how to put robots to work and literally blow your MLM business or simply your bank account up.

Here’s the download link to the free copy of “Scientific Advertising” That Mike Dillard promised you…

Click HERE! For Free Videos By Mike Dillard On How To Magnetize and Sponsor Endless Reps and Distibutors To Your Business.

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