A Review Of Randy Gage And What He Wont Teach You

Randy Gage Review: Pros

Well I will give you a fair review of Randy Gage. I do not personally know him but I am very familiar with his works and training. I am not one of those that will tell you this trainer is scam or that he is not legit. I would rather tell you the good thing that they are doing and how you can put yourself in position to do the same thing and even better than what people like Randy Gage are doing.

Randy Gage is an excellent MLM coach. He will give you a raw edge MLM training. Let us be honest here, a lot of people fail in the MLM business because their mind is in the wrong place. In my opinion, once that aspect of your life is fixed or in remission (cause mindset is a process), half of the battle is won. When it comes to MLM mindset preparation, Randy Gage is your man.

Another fact that I will like you to pay attention to is the fact that Randy Gage does not go out there pitching his primary MLM business. If someone like Randy Gage is not doing that, why do you think it’s the right thing to do either offline or online? Pitching your business first is the first step to failure in this industry. Randy Gage presents himself first. Randy gage is a confident leader and he has value to offer his prospects. What do you have to offer apart from pitching your MLM BUSINESS?

Randy Gage Review: The Cons

One common excellent point that Randy Gage and other MLM trainers out there will tell you is the fact that you need to talk to a lot of people. This is the true. If you do not have at least 30 people to talk to every day and connect with, there is a big chance that you will not make a lot of money in this industry. However, what Randy Gage will not teach you is how to generate these leads. The prospects will not drop down from heaven. You can have all the prospecting training in the world. But if you do not have people to practice with, you will never be good at prospecting.

How to generate MLM Leads:

1. You can buy leads. I can tell you this though. This is will be your first step towards bankruptcy. There are few things wrong with these leads. The first thing is that the leads are not targeted. These are folks (for the most part) who go online and fill out there information out of boredom. These are people looking for jobs. These are people that have no single business experience. These people are called “tired kickers.” Another major problem with buying leads is that they are expensive and the same lists have been sold to 5 or more other people.

2. The best method is that you can generate your own leads. There are many ways you can use to generate your own leads. The major concept as said earlier is that you need an online lead generation system that will brand you as a leader. Yes, I said online. If you want to build your business fast; leverage the internet. Once people see you as a leader, they will choose to do business with you. You would not have to beg family and friends to sign up in your downline. We have people generating anything from 10 to 600 leads every day.

Ps: Randy Gage generates his own multiple leads per Day on the Internet.

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