Use Facebook to Generate Free MLM leads

Joining Groups
There are thousands of groups you can join on Facebook. You should join like minded groups. I join groups of MLM companies like MonaVie. Mary Kay, Avon etc. These are my targeted audience and should be yours too. I do not need to preach to this people that MLM is not a scam. Join the most active groups. Regularly post your articles and offer tips on the groups’ wall. This will establish you as a leader and expert. You can post interesting videos too. This is another way of generating free MLM leads on the internet.

Creating Groups
This is the best way to establish yourself as a leader to your Facebook friends and get some free MLM leads. Create a group and invite your friends. Do not pitch your business to your Facebook friends upfront. You should to be offering value to them on the regular basis. You should offer free empowering E-books if you have access to them. Send them free uplifting you-tube video. This is also a great avenue to promote your regular webinar. Post a survey. On special holidays, you might want to send out greetings to your group members. MLM prospecting is done effectively when your prospects know that you care.

Create A fan Page
I am not sold on this method but I know some successful network marketers that use it effectively to generate free MLM leads. You should position yourself as an MLM success story on your fan page. This is different from bragging.

I call Facebook a mini YouTube. Upload the same videos that you upload on YouTube to market your hub or opt-in page, on Facebook. These are not just any videos. These are videos that offer value to other MLM professionals. You can share them on your status where people will see it. Post them on groups’ wall where the members could see it. This is about getting as many of you as possible out there for people so see you as an expert.

Use the “status bar” Effectively.
The usage of Facebook status bar is different from twitter. Do not update them like every 15 minutes. Use the status to tell your friends what you are doing. If just upload a video or write an article, put it there. There are automatic ways you can do this. Put up inspirational and motivational quotes. Ask questions on it that could stir discussion. Since effective MLM prospecting is easier with a warm market, commenting on your friends’ status is another way to build relationship with them. Agree with them and it’s also okay to disagree with any status.

There are other advanced ways to use Facebook to market yourself, generate free MLM leads and other Facebook applications you can use. The best way to learn these tools is to go on Facebook and play with them. You can pitch your primary MLM business through email and on your status. But this is a non-effective way of building your business. You need to market yourself first. Position yourself as leader on Facebook with the methods we discuss above. People will flow to you.  Start generating free MLM leads now.

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  1. Excellent post. Facebook definitely is a great way to generate free, highly qualified leads online. There are so many ways you can do this and the website and interface makes it very personable. I actually generate only about 2-3 leads per day from Facebook, but hey, they are free and very targeted.

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