Using Facebook to Generate MLM Genealogy Leads

Facebook is a social networking website. On Facebook you can find different professions. ON Facebook you will see different network marketers. So if you are looking for people with network marketing experience, then Facebook is probably where you want to go. However your approach must be different. Facebook is mainly for networking and that is what you must use it exactly for. Do not go on there pitching your business to people.

The best place to find your MLM genealogy leads, which in this case are people with network marketing experience, is to join network marketing groups. Search for specific groups on Facebook. All Mlm companies pretty much have groups. Join these groups. That allows you for the most part to post something on the group walls. Add their member as your friends. If you have the time, include a short message in the friend’s request.

The first impression is everything especially on social media sites like Facebook. Put up a nice picture that shows you as a fun person. Putting up a picture of you in suit might not be the best idea. You want to be relatable. You must appear as a fun person. Be yourself. Write something about yourself that portrait you as leader. Try as best as possible not to put information about your mlm company on your information. Fellow network marketers are sensitive to this. Put some generic information there.

You job is basically to network. The best and probably the only way you will generate mlm genealogy lead on Facebook is to network with this people. There is no way around. Pitching your business directly to them is non effective tactics. Send them message. Talk about generic stuff. Be a leader to them. If there are any articles or videos that you think they might like, send it to them or you can post them and tag them on the post. Make a comment on their status and pictures. All you have to do is Network with them. If you do this well enough, they will come to ask what you do. This is the point where you are allowed to talk about your business opportunity.

The method to generating mlm genealogy leads on Facebook is attraction marketing. Pitching your mlm business to strangers either on Facebook or not is not effective. People will do business with people that they know and are comfortable with. Make yourself attractive on Facebook. Be likeable on Facebook just like you have to be in real life to explode your mlm business.

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