Generate Free Targeted MLM Leads: Using Linkedin

If you are like us when we first started in the MLM network marketing business, we struggled to generate leads. Its not like we do not know how or where to find these leads. But we do not have the money to buy leads. We came online. In no time, we started generating around 30 free MLM leads. If you have 30 new people that you are talking to every day, what difference do you think that will make in your primary business? One of the tools or website that we used was Linkedin.


Linkedin is a social network filled with professionals. This social media website is filled with majority of working people. You have CEO, celebrities, teachers, recruiters, scientist all on Linkedin. From the professionalism stand point, these are the people that you want in your MLM Network Marketing business. You definitely do no want any lazy and non busy person in your business. Otherwise, you would be running an Adult day care center.

Your credibility is extremely important on Linkedin when talking about using Linkedin to generate free MLM leads. These are working people. They are the corporate people. Your credentials is more important to them than anything.

Do not sell anything on Linkedin. When you are on twitter, you can sell your business opportunity. On Facebook, you can sell your product or business opportunity. Even though, this is a non effective way of generating targeted MLM leads. But on Linkedin, this is a “No No”. All you have to do is educate.

Take your time to properly fill out your profile. The type of people that are on Linkedin take into account this little stuff. I would suggest that you stay away from words like “lol”, “smh”. You can use these abbreviations on Facebook , twitter, and Myspace. But they will no do you any good on Linkedin. The profile picture that you put up is also important. Do no put up a picture of you dancing in a club. Use any of your professional looking picture. They will take you more seriously with that.

You have to join groups of like minded individuals. Look up business related groups. Join Targeted groups. Why would you want to join a group of farmers on Linkedin? How will that benefit you? Look up groups for business saggy people and join it. Join groups of other MLM companies there and educate them. You also want to join groups that has many members.

As you learn more about the Linkedin strategy, you would have to join groups and post educating and enlightening contents on the groups’ wall. Your language on these walls are very important. Pay attention to your grammar as much as you can. Again, it goes back to the type of people that will be reading the content that you post on the walls.

Recommendation is also very important on Linkedin. You need at least 3 to 5 recommendations on Linkedin. Ideally you would want the top earners of any MLM business to recommend you. But that would take forever to happen. Contact any person (they could be your downline) that would recommend you. All this is about is “3rd Party Validation“. Similar to the traditional 3-way prospecting call. The interesting part is as soon as people start benefiting from you posts, they will recommend you for others. So there is a viral effect here.

If you are wondering what you should write about; then you need to educate yourself. You should read books and listen to audio books. Use Google to educate yourself on important topics like MLM prospecting, MLM training etc. EDUCATE YOURSELF and teach whatever you have learned to others.

You should understand by now that this is about branding you as leader. If you are like me, I get an average of 30 emails per day on Facebook and twitter of people telling me how great their product and MLM business is. I usually delete them as soon as I open them. STOP PITCHING YOUR BUSINESS TO OTHER PEOPLE. ADD VALUE TO THEM. Educate them on the regular basis and train them for free. They will join your primary business.

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