21st Way Of Advertising Your MLM Business

mlm advertisingInitially when you join MLM business, you were thought to do home meeting and invite your family and friends. Your up-line probably told you also to write down 100 names. This is the traditional way of building your business. As a matter of fact there is nothing wrong with this. It is important to for you to launch your business. It is also important for your family and friends to know what you are doing. However, your business can not be be dependent on this. You need to have a game plan after this. This is where advertising your MLM business is important.

One traditional way of doing MLM advertising is by going after strangers and doing the stupid three ft rule at the mall or Wal-Mart. This is one the least effective MLM Advertising tactics. This is what we call interruption marketing. The people you are going after are strangers and they are not looking to buy what you are selling. You only need to advertise you MLM business opportunity to people that are looking to buy what you are selling.

Another traditional way of advertising your MLM business is by buying the MLM opportunity seekers on the internet. This method is not a very effective methods for many reasons. The leads are not qualified. The lists consist of people that are job seekers. Many of them put their name down out of curiosity.

The leads are not targeted. You need leads of people already in Network Marketing or people that are already familiar with it. This leads are not fresh. Many of the lists have been sold to multiple entrepreneurs like you. Most of the time when you call the prospects, you are like the 5th person calling them and they are not interested anymore in any opportunity.

The 21st century way of advertising your MLM business is through a concept called attraction marketing.

As the names implies, you are simply attracting the prospects to yourself. Have you ever wondered why some people come into your primary MLM Company and they become a top income earner in a short period of time. This people don’t go around pitching strangers at the mall. This is because they are influential people already and they automatically attract prospects to them.

To be top earner with any MLM Company, you must spend more energy advertising your self. People only work with people. I am sure you know that. Prospects will join your MLM organization only because of you and not because of your MLM Company. You have to the subject of your MLM advertising. Your MLM Company only accounts for 5% of your success. So how do you market yourself, you do so by offering value to people. People don’t care about your opportunity unless they know that you care. You can only offer what you have. This is why you have to work on yourself every day. It is not about finding the right person. It is about becoming the right person.

The 21st century way of MLM advertising is though an attraction marketing system. You need an online attraction marketing system to brand you as a leader in this industry and also generate MLM leads. Notice that I say generate. The best leads are the ones that you generate. Success in Network marketing before is usually aimed for 2-5 yrs. With the invention called the internet, it might be 30-90 days now.

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  1. I joined 5linx 6 weeks ago and have hit all of my accolades thus far including a couple of commercial accounts. I work 8 to 10 hours at my day job then put in at least 2 to 3 hours everyday, As a matter of fact the last 2 people I brought into the business came looking for me based on who I was in my professional life. So your attraction marketing definetly makes more sense. What I am in need of is a way to generate more leads, being tied to a desk kills me at the moment, but believe me I can see the light and I will not quit. I guess what I am saying is how do I go about getting or starting my own “online attraction marketing system”? I am the kind of person that will become your poster child if i follow what you teach and it works for me. I will tell everybody!!!!

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