Are MLM Genealogy Leads The Best?

It is widely believed out there that MLM Genealogy Leads are the best mlm leads to purchase. I might agree with some of the widely accepted ideas but I will definitely disagree with some of them also. MLM Genealogy leads are lists of formal network marketers that are still active or no more active mainly due to the mlm company closing down.

The idea that the top earners make it big mainly because they go after people with network marketing experience is not exactly accurate. The Top earners are making it big because they understand MLM business is a numbers game. They make money because they are doing exactly what they are preaching but they are doing it faster. They do not mix emotion with their business. Their success is not because of MLM Genealogy leads.

MLM Genealogy Leads already being highly pre-qualified prospects could be a positive thing. That statement is true because they have the experience already. You do not have to preach to them anymore about the concept of leverage. You do not have to preach to them anymore about the idea of getting paid off other people’s effort. That statement is accurate.

MLM Genealogy Leads being already highly pre-qualified could be a negative. Even though they know the in and out of network marketing mlm industry already, your job also could be harder in terms of convincing them into your business. What do you have in your mlm company that they don’t have already in their business? You thinking that you have better products could be debated.

The fact that people on these mlm leads are not making money now in their current Mlm business might not be a good thing for you.  Unless you are making multiple six figure income now, you might have problem convincing them that they can make money in your mlm company.

The question now is that is it worth it to go after the Mlm genealogy leads. I do not think so. I am not a believer in buying mlm leads anyway. But the fact that these types of mlm leads are good might not be accurate. You have to find ways to generate your own leads. These are the most targeted and qualified leads because they came to you and not vice versa.

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