How To Get MLM Phone Leads Ringing You Daily

I know what is going through your mind.  You are probably thinking it is not possible.  Well, you are right.  It may not be possible for you.  But my personal experience at the moment is our phone ringing of the hook with MLM leads everyday.

Possibilities and imposibilities are often passived with individual experiences as point of reference.  So you are right if you feel like you can never have mlm phone leads calling you about your MLM business on a daily basis.  I want to encourage you to open your mind  for the next 300 words to the concept of attraction marketing.

I have a question for you.  Why do some of the most jerks in the world get the most attention?  Why do some of the worst characters in this world get to lead or rule?  The reason behind that is the same exact reason why some of us in the Network Marketing business are making all the money and attracting heavy hitters (i.e leaders) while some will continue to struggle.  That was a hint.  It is called “being a leader or alpha” as Mike Dillard the Godfather of Attraction Marketing would call it.

The key to being a leader or an alpha is to be a solution or source of solution to a particular community.  97% of network marketer are simply being a part of the problems in the MLM community.  Obviously they are a part of the horrible statistics.  They are the reason why each MLM company on this planet is linked a gazillion times to the word “scam” on Google search auto-suggestion.

When you get this concept inscribed in your medulla, MLM phone leads will chase you down the streets.  You will become one of the solutions in the MLM industry.  The automatic effect of that is you becoming a top income earner in your particular business.

Many of you are sold on “chasing family and friends” being the only way to build your downline.  That is totally fine if it worked for you.  However, it is a better position of posture to be in when you are being called to fix a problem by MLM pre-qualified prospects.

In conclusion, positioning is everything in this business and especially henceforth.  When you learn how to position and brand yourself as a leader, it actually doesn’t matter what business you promoting.  Prequalifed prospects only will chase both on the phone and at live events.  Get your phone ringing with more MLM leads than you can handle by simply becoming a leader that 97% of the MLM industry is looking for.  MLM Phone lead leads

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