How to Effectively use Youtube To Generate Free MLM Network Marketing leads


Use  Current Event:
This is a strong tactic. People are already familiar with these events. You talking about these events will capture their attention. What you need to do is propose a problem using the events as a source of reference. You have to find a way to link that story to the information that you are trying to pass across. Remember this is about branding you as a leader in the MLM industry. You job is to offer solution. Successful entrepreneurs are the problem solvers. This will attract MLM prospects to you  and generate free MLM network marketing leads for your business.

One of  the ways to get  your video to rank high on Youtube and Google  is to use the right targeted keywords in your Video title. This is where keyword research plays important role. There are big guys on the internet. I am talking about guys that spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising.  It will be tough for you to outrank these folks on broad keywords like MLM or Networking Marketing. You need to find key words that are highly targeted and narrowed.  We will be talking more about this.  But you need understand the concept of Keyword research in generating MLM network marketing leads.

Perception means a lot to many people. I am not asking you to pretend to be who you are not when you are shooting your video. But in your video, you want to appear clean. Comb your hair. The background of your house should be clean. I have seen some videos out there that are just totally done wrong. This is about branding you. You must look like a leader for the MLM prospects to want to do business with you. So in terms of generating MLM network marketing leads, your appearance do matters.

Time consideration:
You want to be as straight to the point as you can be. In my opinion, a 1-4 minute video is enough. In this current age, people do not have time to sit down and watch your 10-20 minutes video. Go straight to the point. State the problem. Offer a solution and direct them to your website which can be an affiliate link, your opt- in page or your blog.  People get bored easily. To generate free MLM Network Marketing leads, you need to capture their attention quick.

Video Quality
The quality of your videos should be good enough for your prospect. I am not suggesting that you go and  buy a professional camera. But you will need to invest in a basic digital camera. Do not use your cell phone video camera to do this. This does not show any kind of professionalism . Also, don’t spend money buying some expensive gadget. The people watching this video should be able to say to them selves that they can do what they are seeing. It has to be duplicate-able when it comes to generating MLM network marketing leads.

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