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Affiliatedotcom is a new training product coming from, in my opinion, internet marketing legendary Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrelle.  Mike Filsaime is the man behind Paydotcom and quite a few lunches that the internet marketing industry has seen.  Well, to have been around that long in the internet marketing game is insane.

There are chances that you that you are reading this right now, has tried quite a few thing and you still haven’t see what works.  Let me address that quickly if you happen to be one of the failure stories in internet , affiliate or network marketing world.  99% of the time, it’s because you don’t have focus and a good attention span to allow one strategy to work before moving to another strategy.  In other words, you are distracted by every launch that goes on online like the affiliatedotcom launch.

affiliatedotcom review imgI wanted to get that out of the way before actually going into the affiliatedotcom review itself.  I also want you to know that I don’t have the affiliatedotcom affiliate link and I don’t have the intention of selling it to you with bribe bonuses.  However I went over the launch videos and did some research.  Therefore I will give you an honest opinion on if you should buy or not.

I must say that these guys are on point with the transparent world we are in right now.  Affiliatedotcom is literally Affiliate marketing 2.0 and it supports everything we believe in.  That is the direction that business is going today –  PERIOD!  This is not just about internet, affiliate or network marketing.  This is a phenomenon that applies to all businesses and very soon employees. That’s right, even people on a good ‘ol J.O.B will need to understand this concept to keep a job.

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Mike and Chris discussed in the affiliatedotcom launch videos the need to stick with this order of operation as a marketer.  Choose a market (network marketing being the best anyway), building a list and a relationship with the list and lastly the product.  Let me be clear.  Offering products to your customers come last.  The days of making youtube videos about products you have never used just to make affiliate commissions are over. GONE!

The issue of high competitions and affiliate spams all over the place was clearly addressed as well.  Well, I always believed that there is truly nothing like competition for the winners in the entrepreneurship game.  To truly be a winner, you always have to stand out.  Affiliatedotcom is a product that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and I don’t mean as a fake guru.

My concern with affiliatedotcom is that the fact remains that most people doing it still have a job mentality.  This simply means that the progress of your so called business still depends on just your own efforts.  That is the definition of a job my friend.  Learning how to leverage affiliate marketing with the efforts of other people is the key to financial freedom.

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