A Comprehensive Review Of Empower Network; The 100% Commission Loophole

I take pride in giving our readers the best information available on any topic that is related to the internet marketing and home based business niche. You are hear most likely because you are still on the fence about Empower Network and you are looking to read more on this New phenomena that is everywhere. Well, you have come to the right page. What is Empower Network? Who are the people behind Empower Network? Can you really make money with Empower Network? Should you join Empower Network?

Empower Network Founders Review

As you are probably aware of right now, Empower Network was started by David Wood and David Sharp. David Wood shared the idea with us (MLMBrothers) not too long ago and we thought it was a very good idea. David Wood is the guy that has recruited thousands of people in his MLM Company. However, his attrition rate is horrible meaning many people were not duplicating his success. So there were quitting. His main concern was how he can help regular folks MAKE MONEY NOW.

David wood is about the most honest and blunt GURU out there. Although he would tell that he is not a Guru. He won’t BS you. Just a little warning though about David Wood; Do not for a second buy into the “I don’t care” or “I don’t know anything” attitude that he is putting out there. He is serial hard worker and perfectionist. He and David Sharp put in hours, days and months into creating Empower Network system. And I can tell you that they will do whatever it takes to make this system a top notch Money making machine for regular people.

Why MLMbrothers Recommend Empower Network

Empower Network is for the regular people. Let us be honest for a second here. Not everyone will put in the time to learn Facebook PPC. Not everyone will learn SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not a marketing tactics that will give you instant result now. This is the fact. Google is cracking down day by day on anything that looks like “Make Money Scam.” Those ethical marketing tactics that we used to make money online few years ago are becoming more difficult day by day. Empower Network Solves this Problem.

Here is what you have to do to start making money IMMEDIATELY in Empower Network. You simply have to be committed to blogging. Find a topic that you are passionate about and blog about it every day or every week. It cannot get any simpler this.

The Only formula to Financial Success is Leverage. This is your chance to leverage the selling skills and presentation skills of David Wood and David Sharp. Let them do the selling. All you have to be committed to doing is writing about whatever comes natural to you. This will put money in your pocket RIGHT NOW.

Empower Network is for you if
• You are the busy type.
• You have a day job
• Struggling with the technicality of the Internet land
• Need Cash now
• Struggling with advanced marketing Tactics

Empower Network Membership Levels

Empower Network Basic Membership:
Entry fee for this level is $25 per month. Come on guys. That is about how much I spend at a Chinese buffet here in New Jersey. This pretty much gives you the access to your blog platform where you can go anytime you want to blog about anything that you are passionate about AND START MAKING MONEY NOW. For $25, you don’t have to worry about setting up a blog or doing any other technical crap.

Empower Network “Inner Circle” Membership
The price for this is $125 per month ($100 +$25). With this membership level, you have access to all basic membership plus more advanced Blogging and marketing training. This is the level you should be for you to capitalize fully on the 100% commission that Empower Network is paying out.

Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive
This is a onetime payment of $500. People paid $3000 to attend this conference in Costa Rica. We were one of the speakers at the event to give a crazy SEO training that you will not find anywhere.

Why We Ultimately Joined Empower Network

Duplication: Are you kidding me? How hard can it be to log on into a system and blog about anything that you are passionate about? This is so easy that a cave man could do it. Not only are we going to make money with Empower Network, but the people in our team will do the same thing. It is a simple system that just about anyone could do it.

Empower Network Pays 100% Commission. You read that right. This is freaking 100% Commission. Where else can you get this? This is the only system as far as I know that will pay you directly 100% for the effort that you put in.

The Timing is right for Empower Network: This system just launched. So it hasn’t reached the critical mass yet. If you join now, there is big chance that you will be a 6-figure income earner for the next 12 months.

SPECIAL BONUS If you Join Empower Network through the link below

We are giving away out $997 offline blueprint course for FREE to help you generate free leads offline.

If you join through the link below, You will also be joining the best team in the Empower Network. We have separate trainings that will be making available to you.

To be honest with you, I don’t really care what level you join at. But here is the reason why you should join at the highest level that you can; If you join Empower Network at the $25 level and you immediately bring someone who joined at the $100 level, the $100 will pass up to us because you are not at that level. I am sure you don’t want us to get the money that should be going to your bank account.

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