A Review Of David Wood’s Empower Network

Empower NetworkI am sure you would have seen these Empower Network ads when you log on Facebook.  As you can expect, we here at MLMbrothers.com will give you a honest review of the system, and what the buzz is all about. I will also explain to you what exactly David Wood or David Sharp won’t tell you about Empower Network only if you promise me not to tell anybody else. Do you promise? 🙂

David Wood shared the idea of Empower Network with Ola few months back about his desire to create a system that will put money in people’s pocket FAST. He was the top recruiter in MLSP and Numis Network. But obviously his success was not duplicating fast enough. So this was why he created a simple affordable system that will give regular folks the ability to make thousands of dollars from home by blogging. At least this was what his partner David Sharp said on the sales video.

You are reading this because you valued our opinion here at MLMbrothers.com and I will cut the “Bul Sheat” out now from what is being said out there about Empower Network and go straight to the point. I have great value for my time and your time and won’t waste any of them.

Empower Network is another Affiliate system.

The 100% commission that is being promoted by the Empower Network is correct. Or is it?  If I bring you into the system, the $25 or $100 that you paid to join will be automatically forwarded to my Merchant account. However, the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every other 5th person that I bring in after that will pass up to the person that brought me into the system. So the question is; am I really getting paid 100% of my effort? Think about that.

In case you are wondering, there are products that Empower Network is marketing. Otherwise you can bet FTC will be on their “aaasss” as soon as you blink. They are marketing different coaching access.  This will depend on the level at which you enter the system.

Can You REALLY make money fast with Empower Network?

Well that is the $100K/month question. Yes you can make money fast right now with Empower Network. The first reason is that you are early in the game. The second reason is that the 100% commission catch is attractive and most people will trust you and join you as a result of that.  The $25 to sign up is also quite attractive. Let’s be honest here.  So in terms of recruiting people into the Empower Network, It is or SHOULD BE quite easy.

Side note: From my experience, I can tell you that only people that will NOT do shyte will be attracted to $25/month idea.


Empower Network  does not solve the major problems of why people are not making money in other systems like MLSP or their MLM Company like Numis Network, Visalus and others.

  • People will follow leadership. That has always been the case with any company and will still be the same with Empower Network.
  • You must know how to drive traffic. This is true for any Company in any niche. This will be true for Empower Network. You must know how to drive traffic to your Empower Network affiliate link.
  • You must know how to market. If MLSP can’t teach you how to market, there is a big chance that Empower Network will not teach you how to market. This is just the truth.

If you can learn and master these, then you will make money FAST  with Empower Network.

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  1. I’m not eiasly impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  2. Christine Allen // December 3, 2011 at 10:11 pm //

    Ola and Shola you tell it exactly like it is.

    Thank you for the Truth!

    Christine Allen Home Based Marketing

  3. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 12:17 pm //

    ha thanks for stopping by Christine

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