Is Magnetic Sponsoring By Mike Dillard A Scam – Expert Review?

If you are wondering if magnetic sponsoring by Mike Dillard is for you or just a scam, you might just be in the wrong industry. That’s right MLM is not for everyone.  In fact 97% of network marketer are destined to fail because they will never get THE SECRETS encapsulated  in this book.

magnetic sponsoring imgThe name “magnetic sponsoring” speaks for itself.  The only way to be successful in network marketing is to become a master recruiter.  Let’s be clear. It’s not about how much product you can sell. It’s about how big an organization you can build.

Most uplines will tell you that 2 gets 2, 3 gets 3 or 5 gets 5 CRAP.  Let me tell you an historical fact about sponsoring.  There is only 1 superstar in every 30 people you sponsor. Mind you, not ordinary prospects; out of every 30 recruiting, there is only one leader.  So if you are in a binary (2 legs) compensation plan, to get your 2 leaders, you need to target sponsoring 30×2 = 60 reps.

When you understand this devastating statistics in network marketing, you have 2 choices.  You can either quit or have a book called “Magnetic Sponsoring” in your shelf and master every details inside it. After failing for months in this industry, everything turn around the day I read this thing.

I am sure that your MLM company uses the word leadership a lot during events.  Have you ever thought about mastering it?  Did you know that people actually pay upwards of $5,000 to learn leadership in the corporate world?  Newsflash! Without being a leader in network marketing and perceived as an expert, you won’t be able to recruit massively as you need to.

After reading magnetic sponsoring, I made thousands of dollars even before I sponsored a soul which happened effortlessly after the fact ANYWAY.  “How?” you ask.  Good question.  I wish I can tell you in one article but I think you will understand clearer with a 54 pages book.

Here is a tip though.  Most successful MLM company top income earners make money money from other sources of income.  Everyone also wants to work with them and they therefore sponsor anytime they want to.  It is not because of the nice car.  Most of your prospect wants to do research after showing your opportunity right.  Well, that’s because you have no credibility to them especially if they are friends and family.

Objections literally became something of the past after I read Magnetic Sponsoring.  “Is this one of those pyramid thing?”, “Well I don’t have the money now” etc, I don’t deal and never have to overcome objections like these because I don’t get them any more.  When the only prospects you deal with see you as an expert, they are ready to buy when you are talking to them.  Most importantly, even if they don’t buy, you still will make money from that same prospect.  The secrets to that is inside Magnetic Sponsoring.

To make this an easy decision for you…

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