Network Marketing Tools Necessary To Become A 6-7 Figure Earner In MLM

network marketing toolsLet me clarify first of all that the Network Marketing tools that I will recommend or that you should be looking for should have nothing to do with you MLM Company. Your MLM Company is not your business. That is the company that you are just partnering with. They can kick you out anytime for whatever reason and you can seriously kick them out if they are not satisfying you. So Network Marketing tools that you ought to be looking for are the tools that will help you build the real business which is you.

Your biggest resource or asset in the Network Marketing Industry is your list. I am sure you have heard that phrase. To be a 6-7 figure earner in the MLM industry, you must continually grow your list. Initially, your upline told you to write down the name of 100 people of your warm market. As I am sure you can probably tell by now, of the 100 names on that warm market list (if you actually write them down), Only 10 or at most 20 are really going to come to your home meeting. Out of that 20, probably 5 will join your business. Out of that 5, 4 will quite in 30 days. When I am talking about building list, please understand that I am not talking about your family and friends. The idea that you will build a multi million dollar business with just family and friends does not make sense to me. You need Network Marketing tools that will help you build your list effortlessly.

Your Network Marketing Opportunity DVD and magazine is definitely not the Network Marketing tool that will take you to the financial freedom land. These tools are effective but at what cost? If you do the math, you probably have to give out 100 DVDs to see any significant result. And off course your MLM Company will tell you to buy them because they are making money of it. What those tools are doing is marketing the company. To make money in the MLM business, you must market yourself as leader. People will only work with a leader. No one wants to work with an amateur.

Have you ever wondered why some people joined you MLM Company and they become the top recruiter and top earner in a very short period of time? This is because they are influential people already. They are leaders. People could not wait to work with them. But some of you reading this could not even fill your room during your home meetings.

The first step to MLM success is branding you as a leader. You need Network Marketing Tools that will make this easy without waiting 2-5 yrs (still better than 40 yrs)

You must have an Attraction Marketing System. As the name implies, this is a system that will allow you to attract prospects that are looking for what you are selling. The problem with many Network marketers is that they pitch their business to every soul that they come in contact with. People do not like to be sold but they sure like to buy. What you can do is strategically position yourself in place where they will voluntarily buy whatever you are selling. In this case, that is your business opportunity.

Your Network Marketing Tools must help you generate MLM leads. As I explained before, you will not become rich from just family and friends. You need to generate Mlm leads online. This is one of what an attraction marketing system will do for you. Imagine how fast your MLM business will grow if you are constantly generating 50- 400 Mlm leads online every day. We have people doing this now. The choice is really yours. Wait 2-5 five yrs to become financially free or become financially free in 30-90 days of simply implementing Network marketing tools that are proven to be highly effective.

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