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ppc supremacy google switchPPC Supremacy is another product that I am sure will definitely shake this industry up during it’s launch.  The changes especially with home business marketers from adword meant disaster for some people while it meant fortunes for others.  We are in the transparency age and you are going to hear me say it over and over again.

What does transparency has to do with it?  Yea I know, you are here because you are just looking for a PPC supremacy review.  Just give me a second to build the review up so you can make a solid decision in regards to buying it.  As a matter of fact, I don’t have an affilate link for you with a bunch of bonuses.

I monitored the launch of the PPC Supremacy Google switch traffic thing.  It’s like this.  If you have been in this industry and you are already making some money but you want to turn it up a notch, the product may be useful for you.  However, it is not a good place to start from if you are coming online for the first time and also if you haven’t really made any money. I can promise you that even though it seems like it will be a good investment, newbies will get more confused than ever.

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One thing that I think stands out specifically about this product is that  it will teach every single traffic that is working now.  I also agree strongly with the PPC Supremacy concept that depending on only once source of traffic is a business suicide call.  I am big advocate of learning one strategy first before moving on to another.  However, your mid-term, not short term or long term as soon you start making some money is to have traffic coming from every available strategies.

PPC Supremacy co-creator, Jim Yaghi, is popularly know for being a master at Google PPC adwords.  He was the instructor on PPC Domination by Mike Dillar.  Considering that fact with the fact that PPC Supremacy clearly spells out PPC as in Pay Per Click, this MLM traffic switch product will be focusing more of paid marketing strategies.

Again, if you are a newbie and you have limited marketing fund resources, you don’t want to start with paid strategies.  Most people won’t listen to this advice and lose their shirt in the process.  That’s not a prediction.  It happened already.  Free traffic strategies is a good place to start from and as a plus, it produces the  best quality of prospects because free strategies like article or video marketing involves building relationship with your prospects.

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4 Comments on PPC Supremacy Review – MLM Google Traffic Switch

  1. Now this is a solid short review. No hype and truthful. Jim & David have put together some great videos leading up to the launch of PPC S. In fact I just created 350k keywords in just under 120 minutes from the 4th free video.

    Low hanging fruit take it before the bugs do.


  2. Richard,

    i read your review a while back, and i respectfully disagree.

    Since the course has not been offered for sale yet, there is no grounding for your arguments against either a beginner or expert going through the material.

    In fact, if anything, the promotional material that has been released from the course was specifically designed to be simple usable instruction that the relative newbie could use. And in most cases could use for free!

    I believe it is bad advice to tell someone who is in business to NOT spend money on advertising. Since it is the only way they will ever see any real traction in their business.

    Everyone who has ever had any major success in the industry has started and ended with paid advertising. Free advertising does not really exist.

    What is being pawned off as “free” is actually an illusion. The reality is, free traffic only works for people who already have a reputation and are crafty marketers–such as you or I.

    For the newbie, it puts all odds against them, gives them an uphill battle that in most cases ensures they NEVER find success.

    I was not going to respond to your post initially. But i realised after a conversation about a different topic with a partner i do business with… that i would be doing people a disservice by not at least informing them what in my heart and soul i believe.

    If there were a way for the newbie to learn with free traffic, i would be teaching that.

    but these people are in BUSINESS. they need to grow up and learn that businesses have expenses. and the reason people lose their shirts with paid advertising is not that paid advertising “doesnt work”.

    it’s that they insist on marketing business opportunities that were NOT designed for selling on the internet. their efforts and money will be wasted regardless of whether they use paid ads or free.

    in fact, when they do paid advertising (and claim to have lost their shirt) they successfully get all the traffic they need– but they have no storefront, nor a place where their visitors can hit a button and buy the opportunity!

    now i’ve said my peace. i hope that i’ve communicated my response in a way that will be taken in the right spirit.


  3. I agree and disagree with this review.

    The fact is, you are right about a lot of things here. Jim is known as the master of PPC. But what you’re missing is the fact that his most well known course “PPC Domination” was directed at newbies with training taking them to a more advanced level.

    Bottom line, PPC is the fastest way to get traffic online. A complete newbie following the right steps can have targeted traffic coming in the first day.

    There are hundreds of guru’s out there with thousands of courses on PPC. Jim Yaghi is one of only a handful that has proven himself with a long history of successful students.

    I think all levels of marketers will be able to benefit from this course.

  4. Ola & Shola // August 29, 2010 at 10:52 pm //

    Well you are absolutely correct Chris and we are not by any chance questioning Jim’s integrity or anything like that..As a matter of fact we are currently implementing lot of his strategy..we are just saying the obvious that PPC can make you lose your pants.

    @Jim, we can both agree that investing $67 in Unique article wizard or Article submitter is not the same as spending money on Pay per click…There will be a learning curve that people will have to go through.. and I have a feeling the great Jim Yaghi cant feasibly cover it all.

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