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There is a big chance that you are looking for the best network marketing companies in the industry for being on this page.  Well you are on the right page.  May be you are looking for a company to join or you have serious doubts about the company you are a part of already.  Either way, I believe that you still have a strong belief in the network marketing industry.

best network marketing companies imgBefore you joined any company, I am sure that your sponsor told you that it was on of the best network marketing companies in the industry.  It is very likely that you are disappointed at this point and probably rightfully so.  There are massive misrepresentations around the industry.

If you are new and just looking, you need to be careful about the phrase “best network marketing companies”.  Most reps will not give you an unbiased opinion.  They are mostly after a commission check.  Therefore, don’t just fall for such claims.

There are many websites across the internet with best network marketing companies ranks that are based on many factors that won’t necessarily be beneficial for you as a brand new rep.  For example, there are companies getting ranked because they have a high Google rank.  That is a useless criteria for you.  There are other “not necessarily good for you criteria” like longevity, popularity etc.

As for popularity, a network marketing company with too much popularity can work against you.  Imagine prospecting with 10 of your friends and 9 of them already heard about your business opportunity.  They actually said no in the past because someone probably sucked at prospecting and now you are paying for that.

I hate to bust you bubble if you are already involved in a company but joining a company is not the first step towards success in network marketing.  The first step is to learn marketing before investing in something you are not even sure that you will enjoy.  Contrary to popular belief in the network marketing industry, the industry is not for everyone.  It is definitely not for lazy people that are afraid of learning new skills.

The secret to uncovering the best network marketing companies is to uncover the best network marketers that have the kind of result you are looking for.  They obviously know more than you and you can automatically learn from them.  I understand that rookies still have to sponsor.  If that is the issue, then you simply want to make sure that you rookie sponsor is working with a master marketer closely.  The master marketer also have hands on experience on choosing the right company and they have the result to show for it.

Sadly, there are way too many network marketers that their closest contact to the top income earner or master marketers is hearing the success stories.  That is only good for inspiration.  Inspiration all by itself will not give you results unfortunately.  You need mentors with hands on marketing training and most importantly must have the options of today’s best technologies.  Putting fliers on cars, chasing relatives and any kind of manual labor is just plain punishment.  Time has changed.

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You are on this page right now simply because you’d like to learn if network marketing companies are legal. Well you are not alone. 1000s of folks are thinking the same every month because a friend or a family introduced them.

In fact, you will find multiple resources on the internet which will educate you on the business. Now I wouldn’t refer to it as an industry if it was illegitimate; most likely not. Like I said, I will show you a few points in this article that you can use to evaluate any money making opportunities like network marketing companies.

There around 4,000 network marketing companies all across the world which are registered with the government. I know what you are thinking. Anyone can register a company right? Yes they can. That lead me to the next point.

I must agree that there are a number of shady companies especially on the net these days professing themselves as one of the network marketing companies. A rule, though doesn’t protect everything, is that you need to have a products or services exchanging hands to make any business legal.

Each time money is getting exchanged with virtually any of the network marketing companies to get recruited just for the sake of recruiting and no service or product ended up being traded, that is called pyramid scheme. If so, the prey just isn’t a distributor. On CNBC America Greed, they are known as investors.

Network marketing companies has many other factors you should consider to make sure that your interest is being safeguarded. I will share one more factor with you.

Where are the owners of the company coming from? Were these people network marketers themselves or at least one of them was a network marketer. If the reply to that is no, then it’s just dangerous for you because the company is not guaranteed to be there tomorrow. So is your account with them.

This companies are very legal. However that does not guarantee success. The success is completely 95% usually about you. That may sound easy but it’s not for 95% of mankind.

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  1. Hey brothers thanks for this post. I totally agree. We all need to THINK for ourselves before we do anything. This is what will protect the future of our own world, as well as our surroundings! Peace and blessings.

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