Free MLM Business Opportunity

Is there anything like a Free MLM Business Opportunity? Well it depends on what angle you are looking at this from. If you are asking from the angle: how much does it cost to start, then my answer is that you are asking the wrong person. If you are asking from the angle of what it will take to be successful in the mlm business, there is no free mlm business opportunity. Financial freedom is not free by any means. Whoever is telling you that it is free or easy is lying to you. You will have to work. You will have to invest time and energy. But it is worth it.

Free MLM Business Opportunity Start Up cost?

More than one occasion, I have disqualified prospects who asked me if it will cost them money to get started in the mlm business. That question pretty much tells me everything that I need to know about them. This is a real business. This is not some hobby activity. You need an investment to start any business including the mlm business.

Maybe this will put it in perspective for you. Few years back, I was looking to start a Subway franchise. If you are familiar with subway, you will understand that this is a small franchise compared to McDonalds and the employees are like around four or five. Subway franchise was going to cost me over $12000. That price is just for permission and access to manuals to start one. I still have to find location and responsible for the overhead cost. An average Subway owner works 12 hours a day and makes around $80K per year. To start a McDonald’s franchise, you need to have $1M in the account as of the last time I checked. There is no guarantee that they will last a year.

So how can you know all these and you are still complaining about a $299 or $499 start up cost? The income potential with mlm business is like 20 times better than that of a franchise. I can not make an income claim. But I personally know people that make that $80K IN A MONTH.  If you are not ready to start a business and/or you do not think it is worth it to even get the money by any means (including borrowing), then go back to your regular Job and wait for Obama to send you your stimulus package.

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