BREAKING NEWS…ILearning Global MLM Shut Down

It is very sad that in this age, companies are still shutting down and pulling the RUG from under their distributors aka REPS

iLearning Global JUST SHUT DOWN…

I want to give expert advice on what you should look out for when evaluating a company.

There have been quiet a buzz lately about iLearning GLOBAL shutdown, a company that uses Network Marketing Model to distribute SELF DEVELOPMENT educational material all around the world.

Imagine building an organization of 1000 individuals and the company shut down on you and your partner…

This is devilish and can cause suicide my friend…

3 Things I am going to share with you tonight to watch out for

1. First of all, you deserve and need to be in a company that’s on this list.

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2. You deserve…

  • A company that stood the TEST of time… at least 10 years in business
  • A company that doesn’t require monthly QUOTAS and AUTOSHIP in sales
  • A company that operates in the industry that they  actually CLAIMED
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Network marketing is very sensitive to Government regulations. Companies are shut down really quickly… especially if they are new.  That’s a word for those that run after LATER PRE-LUNCHES.

PRE LUNCHES are no good for long term wealth building.

Stick with a company that’s in momentum  (not following a team in momentum) 10-20 years but not a household name.  Avon, Mary-Kay and Amway are sold multi billion companies but household names.

You don’t want to be in the middle of a prospecting and then get cut off because the average prospect has heard of the company before.

So again ,

2 You deserve…

  • A company that stood the TEST of time… at least 10 years in business
  • A company that doesn’t require monthly QUOTAS and AUTOSHIP in sales
  • A company that operates in the industry that actually CLAIMED

Bottom Line when Picking a Company

  • Partner with a strong company, that’s why you didn’t just start your own company.  You wanted to leverage a strong company as a BACKBONE.
  • Don’t leverage a STARTUP company… you might as well start your own!  Leverage a multi-million dollar company
  • The companies on the list are in tune with the new technologies which is what we teach you here.
  • Stay outside of this list and DON’T BE SURPRISE IF YOUR company shuts down or a litigation matter shuts them down LIKE ILEARNING GLOBAL.
  • This is FREE ENTERPRISE, you are allowed to cheat…  LEVERAGE multi-billion dollar pockets to your own bank account’s advantage
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5 Comments on BREAKING NEWS…ILearning Global MLM Shut Down

  1. Shane Hartman // March 18, 2010 at 10:11 am //

    I feel that it’s a step in the right direction for iLG!

    The company is way too valuable using MLM as a vehicle for growth! Only wish you would have done this from the outset. You would not have tainted the iLG brand. I will still make use if the awesome content available!

    Way to go iLG!

  2. I certainly agree that when you’re looking into a company you want to find one that’s been around for years. A company that’s been up for less than that has a much higher chance of closing down like ILG did. You won’t know if the product is truly something that people crave and need after only 2 years.

    Jordan Schultz
    ~Social-Media Specialist~

  3. Some good tips for choosing a stable company to partner with here.

    ~Marcus Baker~
    Attraction Marketing Consulatnt

  4. This BLOG ROCKS!!! And your article PROVIDES SOOO MUCH VALUE!!! If people are serious about building their business on the internet..they def should LISTEN TO AN EXPERT LIKE U!!! Thanks!!! ~trasy rincan ///the mlm cheerleader

  5. Yes ILG has a great product, and it’s a shame they pulled the rug from underneath some hopes & dreams, but a dedicated VISION can never be stolen from you! This is a great reminder that your hopes & dreams begin and end with YOU!

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