MLM Autoship (A Garage Sale) Is Dead…oops

So as I am writing this, it is 10:25 pm (night) and I am waiting for my friend from the gym. My friend is an independent distributor for one the most popular MLM Company out there. I don’t want to mention any name but it’s the big A company. He is coming to sell me the protein powder sachet which cost $26 dollars. He has been trying to get me to support his business for almost 6 months now. But honestly speaking, I keep forgetting. So yesterday at the gym, he boldly confronted me again about supporting his business.

Here is the most interesting part. As I was asking him about his representative ID number so that I could place the order on the internet, he told me that he has some at his house. Off course, he tried to make it sounds like because we are friends he is going to save me shipping money. We were doing all these because of 26 dollars. This makes me wonder, how many of these transactions does he have to do and complete to be financially free every month?

There is one fact that is true for any MLM professional out there. There is a learning curve that you will have to go through. However, while you are still going through this learning curve, you still have to maintain your monthly sales quota. To be honest with you, my friend was very good with his craft. He knows the detail of each vitamin, anti oxidant, special water, protein powders and many more. He must have invested a whole lot of time in studying this stuff. In my opinion, he is better off working for GMC or Vitamin Shoppe.

I am not one of those that will tell you that MLM is not selling. No that is completely false.

To make money in the MLM Network Marketing business, you must learn the crucial selling skills. However, the product of the company is not what you are supposed to be selling. If this is what you are doing, you will not make money in the MLM Network Marketing business. You are nothing but a field sales associate. As MLM professional, your job is to sell ‘you’ and also sell a dream.

Selling you:
If your prospect do not see you as someone that can lead them to a financial freedom promise land, they will not do business with you. My friend did a great job of telling me everything about their products. But throughout his series of presentation, I did not get the impression that he has an idea of where he is going with his MLM Company even in the nearest future. He did a great job of selling his product, but he did not sell himself to me. Many of the Network Marketers out there are like this. Some of you reading this are like that. My friend was pushy. My friend talked too much in trying to convince me that they have the best products. Like one of my mentor said: the same instrument (jawbone) that Samson (in the bible) used to killed 1000 philistines will prevent some of us from reaching the top of our company. We talk too much. JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO YOUR PROSPECT. Sell you. People do business with people.

Sell A Dream:
If you have attended one of the MLM brothers mastermind webinar before, you will see what you are getting for joining our team. We will you where we expect you to be in a week, in month and in a year. OUR JOB IS TO SELL YOU YOUR DREAM. That is why it is very important for you to ask the “why” of your prospects. As a Network Marker, you must sell them their dream and how it is and will be possible with your MLM Company.


Well, not quite. We both know that 99% of the MLM companies out there are on autoship. You have to consider the marketability of any company’s product before you join them. I am having a hard time believing that people will buy some magic juice consistently in this bad economy. So what that means is that you will have to keep selling juice like my friend from the gym as oppose to focusing on recruiting representatives like you. Do you know why, because they are consumable products. YOU WILL HAVE TO GO BACK AND SELL. This is the main reason we (mlm brothers) do not do juice, lotion, potion, vitamins etc.

Most importantly, these products are over priced. Some of our mentors in the MLM network marketing industry are part of these product based MLM companies. So I am not saying that you can not make money there. But the bottom line is not everyone can speak like these people. Not everyone can communicate like these people. Honestly speaking, if you go to their backyards, you will see lot of inventories. THEY HAVE THE MONEY THOUGH TO SPEND ON AUTOSHIPs. Do you?

What About Information-Selling MLM?
Many companies out there now are selling information like financial information as their main product. The bottom like is Information is MORE valuable than any vitamins, wonder juice etc. The FASTER you can move valuable information, the WELL positioned you are for success and financial freedom. So do we endorse this? Not quite. Very soon, I will be reviewing two of the major MLM companies like this. So be on the look out. The question that I think you should ask though is; Are this information available on Google search engine?

What about Silver and Gold Coin?

What about coin? I wrote a review about Numis network that clearly was not appreciated by their representatives. You can check it out. Autoship is Autoship. As I said there, there is nothing wrong in investing in silver and gold. As a matter of fact, it is a smart business decision and it is something that I am willing to look at in the nearest future.

BUT, these MLM representatives are investing in the package and not the real thing. That is the sad truth that I am sure they will disagree with me on. The last I checked, that is not a smart business decision.

So what do we MLMbrothers recommend?

Residual income is when you do something once, and you get paid on it over and over again.

I am sure some people might disagree. Selling juice is not residual. Selling vitamins and lotions is not residual.
The only true residual income in the MLM business resides on service based MLM companies. We the MLM brothers fully recommend the service base MLM Companies. There is couple of such MLM companies out there.

PS; Many of our mentors are with the Magic Juice MLM Companies.

Well, to finish off the story about my friend, He came and delivered the packet of the protein powders to me. They taste good too.

I have a feeling He has more in his garage.

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  1. I think Autoship Expenses do kill a lot of people and get them out of this business.. what do you all think?

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