What Does Network Marketing & MLM Leaders Have In Common?

mlm leadersThe funny thing is that if you look within your primary business and you examine the MLM leaders within your primary company, you would notice that they are so different.

Some MLM leaders are very charismatic. As in they are always laughing and always joking around. Some leaders are very reserved. They don’t even talk that much when you meet them personally. Does that mean that anyone can become MLM leaders in this industry or there are some things that they actually have in common?

When I am talking about MLM Leaders, understand that I am referring to the one making money in the MLM industry. NO, I am not talking about the talkers. I am talking about the doers. I am not talking about the one that do a good job of management. I am talking about the leaders that are talking the talk and walking the walk. I am talking about the leaders that are the top personal recruiters in their organization.

They are the MLM leaders that you see on the stage.

These are the ones that do the trainings in the international events. Those are one type of Leaders. Another type is those that you do not even know their name because they are not that popular outside their region. In many cases, the non popular ones actually make more money than the MLM leaders that you see on the stage. So what exactly do these people have in common?

All types of MLM leaders understand that MLM is a numbers game. Some people don’t really understand what that statement means. You are supposed to value every single prospect that you talk to. So I am not saying treat them with little regard. However, you have to go through the number very fast. These guys are leaders because they have received more No’s than you. The fact still remains that many will not join your business opportunity. Go through the list fast. Spend 1 minute with 100 people each instead of 100minute with 1 person.

MLM leaders are fishers.

I am not a great fisher but I can tell you that when you fish, you put your hook in the water. This people do not go around chasing anyone. As a matter of fact, you have to qualify for their time before they discuss the business opportunity with you. They simply strategically position themselves as leader and attract qualified prospects that way. It does not make sense to be begging anyone to make money with you. When you do that, you lose your posture which is extremely important.

MLM leaders know how to generate MLM leads. They understand that your lists are your biggest asset in the Network marketing industry. If you ever wonder why they don’t get emotionally attached to any rejection, it is because they other 50 or 60 more people that they need to talk to that particular day. The more leads you can generate (not buy), the faster your Business will grow. In this internet age, generating 20-100 MLM leads is relatively easy if you are willing to do what MLM leaders do.

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  1. The more people you talk with and have in your funnel, the more posturing you can use when talking with your prospects. It is a numbers game, as in everything. And when you truly do have a feeling of not being needy, then your leadership will definitely shine through. That is what separates the best from the just o.k. They don’t have that desperation because they know that if one doesn’t join, they have a great list of more prospects they can approach.

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