Should You Market Your MLM Network Marketing Business Online Or Offline

Well recently a lady called my brother trying to pitch him about her Network marketing business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. She put him on a three way call with her upline. Well my brother, being a leader and expert in this industry, understood what was going on and he tried to get the upline to understand the need for both of them to master how to properly market their network marketing business online.

As expected the upline got defensive and the call went downward after that. There is a general misconception about what Network marketing online and attraction marketing is really all about. This is why I am writing this short post about why you must market your Network marketing venture online.

Recently I saw an advertisement from the big “A” network marketing company on TV talking about the business opportunity. I was kind of surprised because I didn’t know they can do that. Network marketing business is usually done with the word of mouth. But guess what, TV is nothing but a media to spread the news about the business opportunity. The internet is the same thing.

The TV ad will reach bigger audience than you can possibly reach with the local paper. Is it right for them to advertise on TV? It is not a question of right or wrong. It is a question of effectiveness. The internet is another media to get your business opportunity to an audience BIGGER than the TV.

The same principle necessary to succeed in network marketing offline is the same principle necessary to succeed in network marketing online. To be an effective network marketer offline, you have to learn how to communicate effectively with people. You have to know how to transfer your excitement and energy about your business opportunity to the prospects that you are talking to.

These are the same principles that you must master online. You have to be able to communicate effectively with people with your email, video, articles, blog posts through your copyright skills. You have to be able to dig down into people’s emotion and find out why they should partner with you in your network marketing business. This applies to network marketing online again through your copyright skills.

Have you even wonder why some people just joined your network marketing company and they start off with a ridiculous amount of momentum. This type of people all of a sudden becomes the top earner in that region. There is only one reason for this. They are influential people. They are people of value. They are people that their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers just couldn’t wait to partner up with.

They are leaders. When we are talking about network marketing online, the same principle applies. You have to be a leader and provide people with value. For example, Mr. A went out and paid for Pay per click training and how to effectively use Facebook to build list. Mr. A now made a video where he revealed all the knowledge that he has learned. Guess what, Mr. A just offered you value after he became an expert in that area. Mr. A is now a leader and you will trust him and feel more comfortable to work with him depending on how much of this he does.

To make money in network marketing offline, you have to generate leads. The fact that we are in people’s business has not change. You have to be constantly connecting with people and you need people to connect with. The same principle applies to network marketing online. You have to be constantly generating leads of prospects to talk to. You can go ahead and do this by yourself or you can join a system that will take care of 95% of all that I have been saying.

If you give training to people and you offer solution to their problems, they will give you their information to further receive email and trainings from you. Guess what, they just became your lead. We have guys generating anything from 10- 600 leads per day. That is per day. Imagine how fast your business will grow if that is you?

So how is Network Marketing Online Different from network marketing offline? Network marketing online is faster once you have mastered it. Honestly, that is the only difference that I know of. You can become a six figure earner online VERY QUICK if you put in the work. Again, the misconception is that internet is a quick fix. You can do it fast but you have to put in the work and follow your game plan. In this age of Facebook, twitter, there are more distractions on the internet than offline. Focus is the keyword and sticking to the game plan.

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