Should The MLM Products Matters?

Lets be clear about something, there are other factors that actually matters other than distributing your MLM products by yourself .. in terms of how much money you can make in your Network Marketing business. The most important of the factors is you. Are you a leader? Do you take your business serious or you think this is some hobby? Do you understand that you will get to some road block regardless of how skillful you are? Have you master the science of leads generation? You need to answer all those questions before you worry about the MLM products. If you are lacking in those areas, most likely you will not make much money in the Network Marketing industry.

The Marketability of the MLM products is an important factor when considering the MLM business to join.

How marketable are the products? A better way to answer the question is that if your customers lose their job, would they still buy from you? There are many Products out there that can not be sold in this instance. I am not saying you can not make money with this type of products. I am just saying that it will be harder.

What is the MLM products Competition?

Examine this fact. There are about 4800 MLM companies out there. Out of this 4800 Companies, 4200 of them are promoting wellness MLM products. I know you can not go wrong marketing wellness products. However the competitions for that are just too much in my own opinion. Can you make money with them? Yes you can. Will it be easy? NO, it won’t.

Are the MLM products consumables or could they count as an asset. Are the MLM products services or they are not. Which of these are better? Obviously with consumable, you will have to keep going back and selling over and over again. With service base MLM that will not be necessary. For example, let’s assume the company is promoting telecommunications. If you sign up a customer, the customer will have to pay phone or cable bills monthly anyways. However with consumable products like juice or vitamins you will have to go back and re sell the product. There are MLM products like gold and silver which can count as an asset.

Bottom Line On MLM Products

Irrespective of the MLM products that you choose to market, you need an attraction marketing system to be a top income earner. In this business, the top money earners are the top recruiters in their respective companies. To be a top recruiter you need a system that will let your attract quality prospect to you. You also need a system that will allow you to generate endless amount of leads. This is people’s business and you need to present your business to lot of people and therefore be able to distribute your mlm products in MASS .

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