Basic MLM Tips To Being A Seven Figure Income

Basic MLM Tips Nunmber 1, Know the Value of the Business:

I see a lot of undercover network marketers out there. It is very sad because they do not know the gold that they have in their hands. No amount of other MLM tips will help them. When you take this business serious and you understand what it can do for you and your family, you will not allow anyone to talk you out of it. You will not allow or welcome any negative talk about the industry. Because this is the only industry where average folks like you and I can become a monthly six figure earner in a relatively short time.

Basic MLM Tips 2, Take Your Business Serious:

It still baffles me when I see people that think this is a hobby. This is your business. Having fun while doing it is not the same thing as treating it like hobby. Playing basketball for me is a hobby. If I don’t feel like going to the park, I won’t go. Your MLM business cannot be treated like that. Getting up and presenting your business to prospect is money making activity that you have to do every day. Even on days when you don’t feel like getting up, you have to get up and prospect. The more you do it, the more comfortable you get and it becomes automatic. Take your business serious. This is the second Mlm tips.

One of the Mlm tips is that you Don’t have to spend time on Skeptics. The way I see this is that you have to be a “NO” giver. The most common idea is that you should go out and receive “NOs.” I am switching that up and telling you to give “NOs“. If any of your prospect is on the fence about joining your business, push him or her to the other side. I can almost guarantee you that even if they join, you will spend most time babysitting. You should not be begging anyone to make money with you. It is never done. Disqualify them. Do not waste time on anyone. Time is not money. Time is greater than moneyThe more people you disqualify, the more money you will make.

Another one of the Mlm tips is the fact that you should not babysit anyone in your organization: That might come out mean but it is the absolute truth. You job as a leader is to make a duplicate-able system available either online or offline. It is every reps’ job to follow the system and make money for themselves that way. Do what you can do to help. But you have to remember that you have to be constantly recruiting also. Do not get stuck in the management mode. Money is in the action/phase1/active recruiting more. Money is in the bonus.

Do Not Underestimate the Events: When I say event, I know you probably think I am talk only about the national events. I am talking about both the event online and offline. In terms of offline, go to every home meeting that you can. Go to every Saturday meeting that you can. Definitely go to every regional and national event that you can. Do not go their religiously because you have to because you really don’t. However, go there because there is something that you can learn every single time. The same thing applies to online. Attend every webinar that you can (even from other MLM companies). They are good for motivation purposes and you will learn what others are doing that is working.

Another crucial Mlm tip is that you have to leverage the internet.  I wish I could say this any louder. This is the 21st century. The idea that you can run a business without have a internet marketing plan does not make sense to me. Let me be very honest with you now. Your family and friends will be your biggest critics especially if you do not have a history of success in your adult life. With the internet evolution, you really have no excuse. You can literally put your business in front of millions of people every day. Or you can choose to do one on one at Starbucks. I’ll let you decide.

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