The Greatest Of The Network Marketing Secrets

I was reading the article that I wrote recently about the 5 crucial network marketing secrets. In the article, I mentioned the need to take responsibility for your failure as well as your success. I mentioned the need to understand that you cannot do it alone. Furthermore in the post, I noted the need to work on your knowledge and grow mentally as a network marketer. Off course, I talked about the need to generate leads online. As I was reading this, something was not clicking. Everything there was correct. But there seems to be that one big network marketing secret that I was missing in the article.

This took me back to my collegial days. I was one o the best student in my school. At that time I was living alone with my brother Ola in our pastor’s basement. We were both paying ourselves through college. We were both working hard to pay bills and the same time going to school full time. He was studying Computer engineering and I was studying biomedical engineer. But despite this entire thing going on around us, we excel in our studies. I graduated with a 3.8/4.0 GPA. What exactly did I do at that time that made me an honors student despite all the distractions around me?

Then I thought about all these internet gurus on the internet. What is the biggest secret that they are hiding from the mass that are following them? I hope you are not one of the people that follow them blindly thinking that these internet network marketers gurus are actually giving you all the secrets in the world. That is simply not true; there are other big Network marketing secrets that the Network marketer gurus are not revealing to you.

Are ready? I think I have figured it out.


FOCUS and ACTION. (The Greatest of The Network Marketing Secrets)

That is it.  You have to be focused and you have to take action. I do not care how much you know about network marketing industry. I don’t care how many scripts you can say easily without blinking. I do not care about how much facts you know about Google algorithm. As someone trying to build his or her network marketing business online and offline too, if you are not focused, and you do not take action, you will not get any result.

This was my secret despite all that was going on around me back in college. All I was thinking about was my academics regardless of where I was.

There are two types of focuses. There is the broad focus and there is the narrow focus.

When talking about the broad focus, I am talking about you thinking about your business day and night. There is no way around this. My upline (by probably 100 levels up ?) use to say that you cannot build a Network marketing business on a part time basis. It is just not possible. When you are at your job, you have to be thinking about it. When you are with your girlfriend and boyfriend, you have to be thinking about it. You have to focus on it.

There is also what I called the narrow focus. You cannot do everything at a time. I and my brother became a victim to this and it was somewhat disappointing. If you are trying to build your network marketing business on the internet, there are many ways you can market your business. For example, there are many systems to use. I mean, you have MLM lead system pro (my favorite), there is the Maximum leverage by Daegan Smith, King of never calling. I hope you don’t believe that crap. There is magnetic sponsoring by Mike Dillard. Then you have Jonathan Budd system. I mean the list goes on.

And the funny part is that these folks know each other and they are always promoting to each others’ list. That in my opinion is the perfect recipe for disaster to the new network marketer. Which one do you go with? Which system is the best? All these are distractions. Here is the solution. Pick one and focus on it. Until you are a top earner with one system, As a matter of fact, do not waste your time attending their webinar. It will cause distraction.

In terms of the marketing methods, which one should you do? I mean yesterday there is webinar on pay per click. Today there is another one on SEO. Then there is Newsletter marketing. Then you have list builders. There is also video marketing. There is nothing wrong with being nosy. But you have to pick one marketing method and be a master at it. It pretty much as to be your second nature before you start thinking about the next marketing method. Pick whichever you think would be easier for you to do. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera and probably not eloquent enough, why would you want to get on video? Get on article marketing and be a master at it. Learn all that you can possibly learn about that method that you choose.

Here is a recent example. Mike Dillard came out with “what’s working now.” Right before you checkout the product, there is Mike Dillard video popping up offering you some deal on a product. If you cancel that like I did, there is another video coming out on another discount on another product. I thought this was about avoiding information overload. Then why is Mr Dillard giving me the same problem right before I order the product? I am not trying to bash the guy. Quite frankly, the price for WWN is ridiculously cheap based on the value on it. What I am saying is that you have to be focused and know how to say NO to many of these new things coming out.  Master one thing at a time. Be the greatest article marketer. Be the greatest PPC guy before going to the next method. If you are not careful, the same gurus that you follow are the one that will distract you. Be smart about this. Focus on one thing at a time and take action on that thing. This is the greatest of the network marketing secrets.

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  1. Could not be written better: As someone trying to build his or her network marketing business online and offline too, if you are not focused, and you do not take action, you will not get any result.

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