Are you qualified to be in Network Marketing?

I asked that question because MANY people found themselves convinced in by a family and friend … and SIMPLY were not ready to take control and/OR be in the DRIVER SEAT of their financial DESTINY.  If that’s you, I totally understand.

There are a few ways to DETERMINE if you fall in that category.

1.You spent less that $10,000 so far and you are complaining.

2. You don’t want the $20,000 a month income, you are just fine with a few hundred dollars per month.

3.You haven’t made any money in your business for MONTHS and it’s just fine with you.

4. You are on auto-ship of products you wouldn’t buy if you weren’t a REP in the business

5. You spend LITERALLY 4 hours per week on your business.

6. You got 5-10 years left to retire at your regular job and you don’t mind waiting on the job till you retire in order to get the benefits.

…. in other words, you don’t see a potential in Network Marketing of being able to BUY yourself all the BENEFITS you need in just 1-2 years from now

… in other words, you don’t believe in yourself.

so… you keep working just in case you DON’T MAKE OT.

7. This is my favorite! lol: Your upline made you believe that the founders of your primary business are your cousins and therefore PROFITABILITY in your business is not important.

Bonus: You’d rather focus on selling more of your MAGICAL HEAVENLY products that helping others into the business.

You absolutely DON’T know the importance of LEVERAGE (doing more with LESS).

If any of these APPLIES TO YOU, I am sorry… I don’t mean to pick on you.  The goal is to help you NOT waste your time.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but some of us gotta do REGULAR JOBS.

If, on the other hand, YOU are serious about making serious money in your business, then simply GET off the fence and get yourself some personal development book… NOW

Let me tell you a little SECRET

People who want to make JUST a few hundred dollars in our business DO NOT make money and DO NOT help anyone’s HEALTH neither…(just in case, that’s the motivation you are HIDING behind…)

People who go after at least $50,000 income PER MONTH are the ones that make all the money and also the ONES that help and IMPACT the most lives. At the end of the day, Any NETWORK Marketing business, especially in GOLD and SILVER is a multi-MILLION dollar business.

Are you handling it like a weekly hobby?????

Ok, let me guess you are tired after work every day… and THAT can’t motivate you to put 2-3 hour daily after work in the business so you can get your life BACK?

Did you up-line tell you BUSINESS is easy??? NEWSFLASH, they lied to you.

The CATCH is to sacrifice and WORK hard for 1-2 years and OWN and live the rest of your life on YOUR own TERMS.

My goal in this post is to WAKE you up OR to help you off the fence back to your JOB in case you are not QUALIFIED and have NO business being in business.

You NEED a STRONG “WHY” you want Financial FREEDOM and a “GET RICH or DIE trying” attitude to survive. Being in this business WILL TEST Your faith in yourself.

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3 Comments on Are you qualified to be in Network Marketing?

  1. Great post and to many people fail because they just get into the industry to try it out. So a lot of people will fit in one of your 7 points. If not even more or all of them.

    Once again great post.

    Thomas Lierzer

  2. Robbie Johnson // April 10, 2010 at 1:46 pm //

    A lot of people don’t set their goal high enough in network marketing. Like you said, they are OK with just making a few hundred dollars, setting the bar really low. In reality, the amount of effort it takes to make a few hundred is not worth it. People don’t understand that this business grows exponentially. They think, “Wow! It took all this effort to make a lousy $300 bucks! What will it take to make $10,000?” Well really it is easier to make the $10,000 because of leverage.


  3. Ola & Shola // April 10, 2010 at 7:45 pm //

    Absolutely, I think most people who wants the few hundred dollars, they don’t make it anyway. And If they do, they are in the negative because of autoship, events and all kind of expenses.
    Thomas, there is definitely more, just wanted to get a few out.
    Our industry is for BIG dreamers only…

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