Should You Join A New MLM Company?

You are on this page because you are searching for new MLM Company. Well, you have come to the right page.  I will be discussing some of the issues that you have to be considering before you sign up with any New MLM Company.  One of the questions that you ought to be asking is that; is it better to join a more solid and Old MLM company like Amway than joining a relatively new MLM Company like Numis Network.  I will also talk about that.

In terms of income potential, it is better to join New MLM Company that is not that popular.  If every other person that you talk to knows about the company that you are promoting, then your job just got 10 times harder in terms of   recruiting them into your team. There is another phase called the momentum phase. This is when the MLM Company is in momentum. This is when they are adding new products to their product line. This is when they are getting new endorsement. This is the best time to join any MLM Company.

In terms of the longevity or stability, then it is clearly better to join an older and stable company. If you are looking for a stable home where you know for a fact that the company will be around for the next 20 years, you are better off not joining the new MLM Company.  But again, the question is what is more important to you? Are you concern more about longevity or you are concerned with your bank account? You just have to understand that the older companies started from somewhere. Also you should understand that a huge percentage of the Older MLM Companies also get shut down anyway.

If you are considering New MLM Company, how competitive are the products that the company is marketing? For example, there are 4800 MLM Companies now out of which 4200 are in the wellness industry.  If you ask me, that field is just too competitive. Most likely any New MLM Company that is starting in that wellness field does not really stand much of a chance. The competition of the product is very important.

Are the prices of the products more expensive than what people would have paid outside in the market? I will be very honest with you. Many MLM products that I have seen out there are over priced. So why exactly should your prospect buy from you? Either you join new MLM Company or the older ones; you should definitely take this factor into consideration.

Bottom Line About New MLM Company

Here is the bottom line though. The same skill set necessary to become a 6 figures earner in the Older MLM Company is the same skill necessary to become 6 figure earners in a New MLM Company.  The two most important of these skill sets is your ability to market and your ability to generate MLM business leads.  People will only work with leaders and people of influence. You must know how to market yourself and brand yourself as a leader.

Either joining New MLM Company or Older MLM Company, you must present your business to many people.  Your business will grow very fast if you know how to generate 30-50 MLM leads per day. With an attraction marketing system, we have people generating 100-400 MLM leads per day now. Imagine how fast your Business will grow if you are presenting your MLM business to 100 people per day.

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  1. It’s great that you spoke about the fact that the same hard work goes into both a New MLM as well as an old MLM. The thing many people are on the lookout for is getting in on the ground floor. This sometimes is even harder than joining an established MLM. The rewards of joining a new MLM may be dwarded by the amount of extra hard work in getting a brand recognized.

    I personally love new MLM’s! They are a challenge on many levels and I find it rewarding when I bring new product to people that actually delivers.

    Keep up the great work.


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