Can You Make 6 Figures Monthly Income With Pre Launch MLM Companies

This is the question that we have clients ask us if it is advisable to join pre launch MLM Companies. Well to be very honest with you, there is no black and white answer to that inquiry. There are factors that you have to take into consideration before you decide if you should partner up with a pre launch MLM company. If you do your home work (by reading this, I know you are), you will be in good hand.

What is the qualifications and the financial status of the owners of the pre launch MLM company? This is very important because there is some growing period that almost every new MLM company has to go through. The question now is that is the pre launch MLM Company strong enough o withstands this period? This is the question that you have to answer by doing your research. Do the owners of the company have Network marketing experience? Experience as a Network Marketer by the owners is a huge plus.

What is the competition of the products being marketed by the pre launch MLM Company? Here is one interesting fact that you ought to consider. There are about 4800 MLM Companies out there. 4200 of these companies are marketing wellness products. So if you ask me, I would say that is a very highly competitive field. You are better off if the pre launch MLM Company is marketing products or services that are not highly competitive.

Another Factor that you have to consider before you join pre launch MLM Company is the price of the products. Are the products over priced? This is an important question. Why should your customer buy from you instead of going to the mall or anywhere else to buy the same products? You have to consider this. Another question that you should ask is that if your prospect don’t have job, would they still buy the product? What is the ease of marketing this product?

How To Be A 6 Figure Earner with Pre launch MLM Company

You must learn how to market your Pre launch MLM business online. You have to leverage the internet.  The best way to market your business online is by strategically position yourself as an authority on the internet. People will only work with leader. Nobody wants to work with an amateur. Many of you reading this cannot even fill up your house for home meeting. I am NOT knocking you. I am just saying that the internet is providing you and me the opportunity to make it in the MLM industry without really relying on family and friends.

You need an attraction marketing system to generate endless leads online. Just like an established Network Marketing Business, you have to present your Pre launch MLM business to lot of people. With an attraction marketing system, we have guys generating anywhere from 100-200 leads online with simple methods. This is the 21st century of building a huge organization.

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