Looking For The Top Network Marketing Companies?

The question is that what are the top Network Marketing Companies our there? What are the characteristics of the best network marketing companies?  If your current Mlm business does not meet the criteria, should you leave your business and join them? Does your MLM Company really matter? I will shed some light onto this a little bit and what you have to do to really take your business to a different level.

The average network marketer makes $10 per week in their business. This is true to all the Network Marketing companies regardless if people regard them as one of the top network marketing companies or not. So perhaps the question should not be about what companies are the top companies? Why are majority of network marketers not making money in their Mlm business? Why are the majority of MLM professionals remain broke?

The top earners in one MLM company often move from one Network marketing company to another. The interesting part is that they remain top income earners regardless of the company that they are partnering with. Somehow the company is not that much of an important factor to them. The Company that you partner up with will only counts for 5% of your success rate.  Another interesting fact is that only people that are not making much money in this industry are the one wondering what company is top and which one is last.

What about the integrity of the owners? OK, this is another common pitch that people use to recruit into their primary business. Let’s get something straight. Your MLM Company owners are not your uncle or aunt. The owners of any Network Marketing Companies are business owners. Business owners make business decisions. It is always helpful if they have Network Marketing Experience. However, understand that if it makes business sense for them to shut down the company, they will shut it down. There is nothing personal about it. So if you are wondering what the top network marketing companies are, keep that in mind.

The question that you ought to be asking is that why is it that they same people are making money in this industry regardless of the Network Marketing Company that they are partnering with?  I will tell you why. They all know how to market themselves and their business. Marketing yourself is becoming a leader and selling you as someone that can lead the prospects to financial freedom. If your prospects don’t see you as someone that can lead them to financial freedom, you can bet that they will not join your business.

These top earners all know how to market their business. MLM is a people’s business. I don’t care if you think your company is one of the top network marketing companies or not. If you do not present your business to many people, you will not build a big organization. This is a numbers game. You must master the science of MLM leads generation. Notice that I said science. It can be learned pretty quickly. To do this, you need an online leads generation system. There are guys generating 100 to 400 MLM leads every day online.

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