BREAKING NEWS!!! YTB International Anticipates $9.9 Million Loss

The big MLM company YTB just reported a probable $9.9 million Loss. That is a loss. I am seriously hoping that they survive the situation. The question is why are they losing money? And what effect will this have on YTB Network marketers?

I will not try to claim to you that I know exactly why YTB lost $9.9 Million. Quite frankly, it could have been due to any reason. It could be due to lack of market for the traveling deals. It could be due to bad management decisions. But the truth is that it does not matter.

YTB Travel could withstand this season and actually survive. Another possible outcome is that it could get worse and YTB Travel shut down. They will not be the first nor would they be the last MLM Company to shut down. 99% of the time though, the network marketers are the one that are left in the cold. They are the one that suffer the most. The owners will get their lump sum of money and live good after that. So where does that leave the YTB distributors?

This type of possibility and outcome makes it compulsory for you to have your LIST.  Your list is the biggest tool that you will have in the network marketing industry.  I am not just talking about your family and friends now. They are part of it. But you cannot build a multimillion dollar business with just family and friend. You must build your list online.

In 2010 and forward, you must have an only lead generation system. This is a must.  Have you ever wonder why the top earners in the most companies are able to move from one company to another and became the top earner in the new in a very short period of time? It is because they have their list that they market to and they have relationship with that list.  This is a relationship business. That fact has not changed.

You must have a presence on the internet. All the people and your mentors that you look up to, have presence on the internet. Why do you think yours have to be different? You must generate leads online. That is the bottom line. There are 3 billion people on the internet every day. The world is bigger than your local town. This is a must for you to survive company shut down.

IF YTB International shut down due to this situation or any other situations,  as a YTB distributor, you need your list to survive it.  The bigger your list, the better you are. I really cant say this enough. Do not get emotionally attached to your MLM company. You must understand that these owners are business people. What that means is that they make business decisions.

It does not mean that they do not want you to succeed. It does not mean that they do not want to put money in your pocket. However, when they are face with decisions, they make business decisions that is best for the company and their family. My guess is that YTB MIGHT not be around for long time. Where will that live you the YTB distributor?

As a business man and woman, you must learn to make business decisions and not an emotional one.  Is YTB the best MLM Company for you now? that is your decision to make?

the real question is; Are you ready for a YTB International MLM shutdown?


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  1. oh dam! and I was worried about paying my taxes

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