[VIDEO] How To Use Google As 1 Of MLM & Network Marketing Tools

This short video reveals the results of belief, persistence, learning, skill set and mindset.. and LOL  google (TECHNOLOGY).

What we reveal to you in this video is so simple that you have a 90% chance you will take it for granted and overlook it. But honestly the real reason why you will overlook is not because you don’t believe in the MLM Brothers because the numbers in the result in the video is CLEARLY not a lie.   It is simply because you won’t believe in your dreams and yourself.  If that is the case..  that’s SAD...

I know that might sound harsh but that’s what TRUTH usually do. Shola and I had to face the TRUTH too, get pissed at the truth and embrace it eventually to create the lifestyle we have now. GUESS What, we are not done. That means we have to help more people LIVE their dreams through the power of network marketing and technology .

What if you learn how to rank on the first page of a Google Search Engine for a keyword search phrase with 90,000 searches per month? Do you know what kind of money you can make if you repeat that process over and over again in NETWORK MARKETING and other businesses??????? Where do you go QUICKLY for answer to a question or solution to a problem? Don’t you go Google IT?  This is so powerful, the word “Google” is a VERB.

My friend, Google is the ultimate MLM Tool and you can capitalize on it to build your Network marketing business too by learning this skill set or join  a team of marketers who knows how to OR YOUR COMPETITORS WILL. … Let’s go there. I believe in you but that’s not enough. You have to believe in yourself. RESULT is right here in front of you now.

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14 Comments on [VIDEO] How To Use Google As 1 Of MLM & Network Marketing Tools

  1. That was a very informative video and I will go check the next one at the bottom of this post. Thanks guys for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge

  2. Ola and Shola!

    As much as I hate to admit that I still can’t tell you both apart, but regardless…I LOVE this video and I love your results!

    You guys have a work ethic that is second to none and your results only prove that.

    Keep it up the google domination!


    Kim Tarr

  3. Thanks you guys for stopping by

  4. Steve Irving // October 20, 2010 at 1:21 am //

    Thanks for sharing this with me Ola!

    This is exactly what I needed to see! BooYAH!

    I’m recharged and BACK to ACTION, Brotha!


  5. I am glad it resonated with you.

  6. You guys rock! Thanks for sharing

  7. Hi Guys,
    What a great blog and excellent service you provide. I have just updated my top 100 network marketing blogs page and you are number 2!!! Great stuff

    Will be updating the list in December….are you going to beat Jeff to number 1 spot?

    Best regards


  8. We truly appreciate you peter. Thanks for the recognition

  9. Thank you for the information and sharing.

    Much Continuous Success

  10. Great content fellas, keep the value coming! You guys rock. – Scott

  11. Hey Ola & Shola,

    Always great to see results and I have to thank you guys for being an inspiration to me as I am now getting crazy rankings with my blog after a lot of training but after watching the webinar you did with MLSP I now have my blog on the first page for many keywords.

    I love google!!! For now anyway… LOL

    You both played a huge part in that happening!
    Thanks guys!
    Billee Brady

  12. Am glad you like it Bilee…

  13. Thanks for sharing this and for all you do for the MLSP community! Thanks and this is great information.

    Greatly appreciated and keep leading the way

  14. Glad you like it.. BRO

    ~ Ola

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