How To Get 500% More Conversion in Business Prospecting

Today, we are going to talk about one of the activities that is TRULY responsible for a chunk of your checks or money that you are trying to earn in business.  That’s prospecting.  I am in the mood to share some of our most powerful prospecting strategies.

Firstly, I want you to understand that there is no amount of prospecting skills that will beat some kind of consistency and leads abundance.  Work ethics beats talent any day.  Consistency beats quality any day.  It won’t beat  the consistency in Shola and I’s message if you will.  You need to learn how to generate more lead than time will allow you to speak to.

With that been said, after generating leads, you need to learn how to communicate with them effectively and in my opinion EFFICIENTLY.  Let me break down the efficiency part before I move forward.

You still need to be using the model of “100 prospect in 1 minute” as oppose to what is usually insinuated in this industry, trying to convince “1 prospect for 100 days”. You really don’t have that much time for any prospect.  Let me repeat that, no one prospect is worth that much.   If you have to spend that much time to get a prospect in front of a presentation, they won’t join or buy anything–probably not.  That’s just the way it is.

Who’s Got The Prospecting Power?

So how do you ensure that you are in control of a prospecting conversation?  Let me answer that with a QUICK story.  Towards the end of last year 2010, a prospect was referred to us by a family friend to help with the marketing of his business.  Let me fix  that statement.  We were rather referred to this guy, in other words, my friend told us to call him.  That’s the position of least prospecting power.  You have to know how to flip that.

Who ever is the one calling(dialing) has the least power initially.  (Put that down in your note).  Am I saying don’t ever call a prospect?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  All I am saying is that, it’s sweeter when they call you and the conversion rate is about 500% more. (HINT). Learn how to get leads calling you.

It’s like saying cold calling leads does not work.  To say that is NUTS… It does work but most people do not enjoy cold calling and that reflects in their voice and the prospects can detect this sub-consciously.  There is no prior relationship neither.

If you are the one dialing then you ABSOLUTELY needs to come with your A GAME when you start a conversation or your prospect will retain the power that they initially had when you called them from out of NO-WHERE.

When you call a stranger, what is the first thing they say?  “How can I help you?” THEY ASKED A QUESTION.  How you handle that question will either dethrone them or bury your prospecting ALIVE lol.  The person asking the most questions has the power so the first thing you’s want to do is diffuse the question with an answer that is embedded into a question and then you can take over.

“I was referred to you as a candidate looking or searching for the right home business opportunity… is that correct?” There are only 2 possible answers for this question.  YES or NO.  For a “NO”, if you’d like to exercise some prospecting hormones, this is what you say.  “GREAT, do you know anyone that’s looking or would be interested in money making opportunity that’s shielding people from the economy crisis?  guess what that was…  ANOTHER QUESTION with a possible yes or no.

You can say these things the way you like as long as they are questions.  This is not a script.  I want you to get the concept.  He/she who asks the most “in-the-moment” questions is the real prospector with the power.

That means Questionnaires are OK but it’s sweeter if you can master the art of asking questions based on the last answer they gave you.  You can build better rapport and a relationship that way.  You can connect with them emotionally and that’s what’s going to determine your effectiveness.  Don’t get it twisted conversion rate for cold calling is ridiculous still low but increases by about 500% if you follow this instructions.

In conclusion, efficiency comes from having more leads than time allows because believe it or not, that sub-consciously affects your posture which is another factor in prospecting that we will discuss later.  You just naturally don’t come off as needy because you really don’t need anyone.  Over 1,500 unique visitors come to this particular blog daily and get served so how do you think that makes me feel while I am prospecting.  Effectiveness is how you connect.  Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!  “In-The-Moment” Questions.

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  1. Hello Ola and Shola, A great post on the importance of how to get leads and work with them. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  2. You Rock you royal mustacheness… lol

  3. MLM Brothers,

    Excellent post guys!

    I think this is probably the first time I’ve paid a visit to your blog… but I’ll definitely be visiting a lot more often.

    Long live Network Marketing 2.0! 😉

    – Yo

  4. Yo “The Man” Lee Thanks for stopping bye man,,

  5. Great prospecting tips. Thanks for sharing. This is a great post for any new network marketer to read. I made some of the mistakes that you mentioned in this post when I was starting out. I used to give up the power in the conversation. It is true that when you begin to ask the questions, you step up and fill the leadership position and actually gain more respect with your prospects. You mentioned that you get your prospects to call you. I’m curious about how you do that. Do you have any posts here on your blog where you cover that in more detail? I would love to hear more! Thanks.

  6. Hi Angela,

    I would watch this video and get the Network Marketing 2.0 Deluxe e-book. http:// That’s where the full-blown details on getting prospect to call you is. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Glad to see you listed some of the most important points necessary to building massive organizations.

    You are absolutely right that the one asking the ?’s in in control.

    As for systems that make the phones ring off the hook every day with pre-qualified experienced networkers CALLING ME I use this=> .

    It’s the only TRUE “Set it & Forget It Automated Prospecting System”=> .

    Warren Little

  8. I definitely got something from the post. A reminder of the importance of time and prospecting posture.

    Time is on going, you can’t get it back, until the next 24 hours. Prospecting: It’s the value of connecting with people of influence & affluence, then to be paid for qualifying leads for your home biz.

    Great Stuff,

  9. Hmmm. I must be very late. Just got email about this blog, but the dates suggest its over a year old.
    But nice & concrete prospecting tips. It coincides with what I’ve been thinking in my head

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